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Looking for the best places to stay in Zimbabwe/Zambia to see the Victoria Falls Waterfall – have you already started comparing prices?

Whether you are travelling on a budget and need the cheapest stayover, or are in for the whole African Safari type travel – you will find it here!  There are 8 Hotels and 45 Lodges featured here, just on the Zimbabwe side – with more in the making…  And many more options on the Zambia side.

Accommodation in the Victoria Falls and Zambia

If you are looking for packaged tours or safaris check these out here.

By car, everything is just a few minutes away…

Just remember that by car, everything is just a few minutes away. Transport is available through free shuttle buses that run hourly from most accommodation venues and paid taxis are easy to engage. Most, if not all activities offer a pickup and drop off within the package. So when choosing your accommodation, see what you’d prefer – closer to the town where you can walk around on your own, or further out and know that you will be able to get around just as easily.

How this Map can Help You

  • Gives a real feel for where everything is in relation to the actual Falls and the town.
  • The slider enables you to see what accommodation fits within your budget.
  • Deals are run daily.

If you have any questions about accommodation, please leave them in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “Zimbabwe/Zambia – Victoria Falls Accommodation”

  1. Hi Tracy, What a great post. Many years ago, my husband and I spent a wonderful holiday at the AZambezi Lodge. We absolutely loved our time there although while we were drinking our cokes at the pool we suddenly realized that the water was being drained from the pool. Apparently, it was to be painted. Oops.
    As someone who absolutely loves Zimbabwe, it was a pleasure for me to reminisce about the holiday we spent there. On the same trip, we were at Lake Macklewain (along with many others) drinking champagne when the water went over the wall for the first time.

    • Hi Jill

      What lovely memories you have there and a bit of history too! We really love AZambezi Lodge – it is one of the few places you can go and be by the river. I am happy to report that the swimming pool is a beautiful blue and is among our top favourite pools in Vic Falls. The only thing we find is that if you don’t time it well – there is not much shade near the pool and it’s easy to get sunburned and quickly!

      Lake Mcllwaine is now called Lake Chivero and when we stayed in Harare, was our getaway spot! Sounds like it was yours too!

      Well, maybe you might visit Victoria Falls one day. It’s developing quickly with lots of new tours and buildings. I think it’s actually a bit sad. The little sleepy town is becoming a hive of activity.

      Glad you stopped by and had a bit of a reminisce!

  2. I am a waterfall nut! Seeing amazing waterfalls are very tranquil to me. I wish there were more pictures of Victoria Falls but either way this is definitely I place I want to visit.

    Are there a lot of walking trails or hiking along the River where the falls are? Are there any boat tours that run down the river like they do in Niagara Falls?

    • Hi Traci 🙂

      Great name!!! 🙂

      Yes, aren’t waterfalls wonderful!  Oh dear, you must have missed my Vic Falls is Still a Natural Beauty post.  I have put a lot of photos there of how the waterfall looks in different seasons. 

      The Zimbabwe side has a 1.8 km walk along a path that overlooks the waterfall.  The Zambia side also has a path, a swing bridge and a trail down to the boiling pot.  You will read more on the post above.

      Well, if you have any questions, just leave them below.

      Have a great day!

  3. Hi Tracy,

    Thank you for the map. I would much prefer to stay in the town where I can look around the shops and cafes, and take a shuttle bus to the Falls. Is there any hotel that you would personally recommend with the town? I would definitely like to know what you think.


    • Hi there Owen,
      It’s a great option staying in town. Here’s a post of the 5 closest places to the Falls you could stay at. As you can see there is budget and luxury options. As everyone has a different take on travel, and have various needs and preferences – perhaps you should have a read and see what you think would suit you best. 🙂 Wishing you happy travelling planning!!!

  4. I always wanted to visit Victoria Falls. I believe it was called as a seventh natural wonders of the world! I loved the map accommodation you provide in this post. One of the thing I always wonder as to where actually the hotel locates and how close it is to the sightseeing I would like to visit. The great thing is also once you move your cursor on the hotel on the map it shows you the ranking or other travellers regarding the particular hotel. I will definitely use this post for my future references once I decide to visit Victoria Falls.

    • Hi Anna,

      So glad you liked the map.  It does help hey?  Knowing where everything is in relation to Vic Falls is a huge plus.  And being able to easily compare prices of the accommodation round about is very helpful.  Victoria Falls town is really pretty at the moment.  We have had some good rain this year and everything is green and lush.  I do hope you visit us soon.

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