Zambezi House – Riverside Restaurant in the Victoria Falls


Off the Beaten Track – And a Beautiful Way to Experience the Zambezi River


Zambezi House

Bar and Canteen
OPEN : Tuesday-Sunday ~ 9am - 9:30pm 9am ~ 11am Beverages are Served (Breakfasts only on weekends) 11am ~ 9:30 pm Lunch/Dinner Days to Note: Mondays : CLOSED Funky Fridays ~ Specials & Pizza until midnight + Happy Hour (till midnight and sometimes after...) Saturday & Sunday - 9a.m ~ 9p.m (Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner) Family Friendly ~ Yes (but only within the restaurant area - see review below)
Review of Zambezi House

Casual Dining by The Zambezi Riverbank

A delightful spot on the riverbank of the Mighty Zambezi River.

  • You can book a table in advance – although this shouldn’t be necessary as there is a lot of seating space, downstairs and upstairs.
  • They take group bookings (a small wedding here would be amazing).
  • WiFi is free – yay!
  • It’s a bit off the beaten track. To get to it you would have to get a taxi for $5 (if you are visiting).
  • Staff are very friendly and helpful.
  • Secure parking.
  • A variety of seating options – formal to casual.
Review-of-Zambezi-House - Open Restuarant

Once you see the entrance, you realise that this is not your usual decor fare… The solid doors, the bold art on the walls. It’s rustic, African, natural, eclectic and simplistic all rolled into one.

We think the candles are just tops!!! If you visit during the evening – I dare you not to fiddle with them. Once you start you just can’t keep your hands off them – very entertaining Lol! So simple and yet adds to the whole artistic feel in the evening.

The setting is relaxing and soothing.

With the cool breeze coming off the river and being so close to the water gives it a unique ambiance – it’s open, and yet sheltered, spacious but cosy, upbeat in the day and romantic/lively in the evening. (There aren’t many places to go where you can be by the river, so we like it here).

Zambezi Crocodiles Basking in the Sun!

Please, do be careful if you have young ones with you. It’s not crawling with crocodiles! But there is a sign warning of their presence – it is their home after all. We have seen a few smaller ones sunning themselves during the day.  Apparently, later at night you could even get to see hippo! Awesome! I can’t wait to see one out of the water. They come to eat the grass in front of the restaurant.

I took the picture of the sign BEWARE OF CROCODILES in the early evening and we could hear a small croc swimming around.

So, if your kids nag you to go get a closer look of the river at any time – go with them.

Review-of-Zambezi-House - Beware of Crocodiles

It’s pretty with the sun setting on the river don’t you think?

I just love that. And as dusk sets in, you get all the river noises too. (You can hear them if you walk a little out toward the riverbank).  Oh!  Table settings are on the lawn too.

There’s a lot of space in the restaurant for the kids to wander around in and still be in sight.

It’s a very interesting place with art and animal horns (my son took a photo of his friend so that it looked like the horns were coming from his head! Lol!), there is upstairs to explore and CANDLES to look at and PLAY with!!!

With the space and height of the area – no one is going to fuss with a bit noise from the excited, raised voices of your little ones. And there is music playing in the background too.


Zambezi House Review

Pizza, Coffee and Cheesecake…

There is a great menu and range of things to order.

Our favourite is the pizza – the perfect base, crisp and thin, with interesting toppings. They have a proper pizza oven and make it up right in front of you, if you care to watch.

Although we haven’t tried all the flavours (yet) – the Artichoke was my favourite! The one that didn’t sound so appealing was the Anchovy Pizza… Will have to try it, just to see if I like it.  I will come back and post a picture when I do :).

Add Zambezi House to your itinerary when visiting Victoria Falls Zimbabwe! It’s a lovely way to experience the Zambezi River and get one of the best pizzas in town!Click To Tweet

Tip – Two medium-sized pizzas will feed a family of four. For this dinner plus drinks $50 should be sufficient.

I loved the coffee here! And it comes with a little cookie.  In-fact, I am yet to find a restaurant in Vic Falls that doesn’t make great coffee.  Hummingbird cake was on offer the last time I had coffee there, but it’s been replaced with cheesecake and brownies (which is also the dessert options). Will have to try that next time. I love cake :).

A bit sad there isn’t more variety of cake and desserts.

Menus and Drinks…

There’s a Kids Menu, Main Menu, Drinks Menu and a Wine Menu.

Review-of-Zambezi-House - Kids Menu

The Little Corner Menu looked fun, with spaghetti and meat balls and great smoothies – I wanted to order from it!

review-of-zambezi-house - bar and winelist

It is a bar and canteen, but it’s more of a family, relaxed kind of place. We have come here at different times of the day and night and have never felt that we couldn’t take our son there.

The Artwork behind the bar was done by Munyart, isn’t it beautiful!!! He did it with charcoal and then varnished it over, he said it took him a few days to do. It gives a nice vibe to the place and is a great reminder that you are in a World Natural Wonder.

The wine menu has a huge selection, and is sure to satisfy any palette. We opted to have an Amarula Coffee – it was amazing.

Do you have a question you would like to have answered about this place? Leave them in the comments below and I would be happy to answer them.

In Conclusion Zambezi House – Riverside Restaurant in the Victoria Falls is a lovely place to experience the river and soak in that real Africa feeling.


Worth doing? Definitely!

Only downside? Hasn’t got great cake or desserts on offer, it’s a bit off the beaten track and you need to watch out for the crocodiles and hippos. 🙂

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