Incorporate Your Wedding Theme Ideas and Colours Into Your Wedding Cake

The Wedding Theme Sets The Stage For The Day. Before you decide what your cake will look like, ensure that you have your wedding theme ideas, style and colours in mind. The wedding cake gets its own moment of glory and you would want to have it looking top-notch! Bold colours can be toned down to equivalent pastel tones, and your theme idea can be conveyed completely or partially.

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Theme your wedding gifts with

3. Know Your Wedding Theme Details

You Need to Know Where You Are Going With This…

Can you sum up your theme idea in one word?

  • romantic
  • vintage
  • natural
  • classic
  • minimal
  • victorian
  • shabby chic
  • traditional
  • rustic
  • beach
  • funky
  • floral
  • monochromatic
  • steampunk
  • bold
  • pastel etc.

1. If you have set up a Pinterest Board for gathering ideas for your wedding – go have a look at what you saved and decide if there is a theme that is showing itself.

2. Do the same with your colours. What is the colour that is mostly pinned? Without realising it you could already have your colours right before you!

3. If not, decide, lots of things (not just the cake) depend on this one singular decision.

Wedding theme ideas and colors how to choose them.  Infographic with helpful tips.
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Is There A Theme That Can Not Be Incorporated Into The Cake?

Good question. Anything can be done on your cake it’s like a blank canvas. There are a few things that could limit this though, for example, whether you can find a cake decorator to pull your ideas off and another is, whether it would be in good taste. More on this soon…


Are There Rules About Colours on a Cake?

Nope, you can have any colours you want. Most decorators are adventurous and are dying to work on new ideas and colours. You can be as bold or neutral as you wish. Although, I encourage you to work it all into your chosen wedding branding and stick to either warm or cool colours.

Wedding Theme Ideas and Colors - how the cake is affected

Tip – Unless you are going totally neutral with minimal colour and decorations – you need to know your theme and colours.

Cake at Vic Falls

When the cake matches the wedding décor or theme it’s a compliment and not an eyesore. Think of it as being part of the whole picture (theme) you are trying to create.

Note: Try to stick to your colours right to the end. I have had last week, colour changes – (and one bride changed them three times – swopping out a colour and then adding another TWO) … this far into the cake making – you want your cake decorator to be your friend!!! Right?

Tip – FYI adding a colour to your wedding cake is easier to work with then removing a colour.

Cake at Vic Falls

Are There Any Cake Colour Exceptions?

Yes! The groom’s cake can be totally off colour! It doesn’t need to be on the main cake table or even served at the wedding.

But, it can also be made to match or blend in see an example of a tutorial of a Groom’s Cake.

Wedding Theme Ideas and Colours
Wedding Theme and Colours

Key Take Away

  • Understand the overall feel of the wedding day
  • Use Pinterest to help you decide – just pin what you LOVE!
  • Finalise your colours and stick to them
  • Don’t stress about the Groom’s Cake – it’s supposed to be fun…

Check out the Brides Corner for more tips.

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