Who Is Making The Wedding Cakes?

You have decided on the date, the venue, your colours and theme. You know what flowers you are using and have chosen your wedding dress. So it’s now time to get the wedding cakes made. Who is making the wedding cakes? Wedding Guides tell you to order the wedding cake next, but they don’t tell you what is involved and what options are out there. Read on as you don’t want to delay this next step. Your cake needs to be ordered a year to three months minimum, ahead of the wedding date.

What Options Are There When Ordering The Cake?

The Wedding Cakes
  • You know someone who can do this for you
  • Cake decorators are in the area, it’s just a matter of choosing one
  • When there are none about
  • You order online
  • Or DIY the wedding cake yourself

But before you go cake tasting, let’s see how you much you both like cake…

How To Decide Who Is Going To Make Your Wedding Cake?

In the following posts, you will learn –

  • How much you like cake (you are here)
  • How to find a cake decorator

1. What’s Your Take on Cake?

The Wedding Cakes - How Much Do You Like Cake

You’re Not So Fond Of Cake –

While it’s hard to believe, it really is true, some really don’t like cake… like at all! So as this is not something they are into, a substitute is often given. But regardless of what you substitute the cake with, you need to plan wisely. Choosing not to have a wedding cake is a brave step away from tradition. Make sure you do it well.

What Options Could You Explore Instead?

  • Dessert table (this could include anything!)
  • Cheese wheel cake or a cheese board spread
  • Your own idea – I saw one bride who had watermelon wedges (I’m not sure her guests were overly impressed…)
  • Just skip the cake

You Aren’t Too Fussed Either Way And Your Guests Expect Cake –

As the cake is not high on your priority list, you can provide the cake, but keep it simple. By saving on the cake, you get to put your money into other things that are important to you both.

Have in mind to order a minimal wedding cake – enough to feed everyone but not overly fancy.

Cake at Vic Falls

What Styles Of Wedding Cake Are Minimal?

Rustic single tier wedding cake ideas
A simple design anyone could learn to do.
Source: RussianCakes

Naked Cakes

Rustic Finishes

Fresh Flowers

Burlap additions or any other artificial flowers

The Cake Is Very Important To You –

Save somewhere else in the wedding budget, because you are going to need the perfect cake and possibly lots of it!

Getting The Cake Made…

In the olden days, the cake wasn’t that delicious, so it they didn’t make it to eat, but rather to sprinkle over the newlywed couple to wish them well.

Thankfully we don’t waste cake like this anymore. It would be a shame to make it all so pretty and then throw it around over everyone!

As guests at a wedding, we generally anticipate eating wedding cake. I know it’s the first thing I go and check out at the reception. We expect the cake to look pretty and for it to taste nice. So, who is going to make your cake?

The Wedding Cakes - How To Decide Who Will Make Them

Here Is How You Get Your Wedding Cake Organised:

  • Someone you know makes the cake as a gift
  • You ask someone to make the cake – covering costs
  • You make the cake yourself
  • You get a cake decorator to make a plain cake and decorate it yourself
  • You get a cake decorator to make a smaller version of your dream cake
  • You go the whole way and get exactly what you want and cut expenses elsewhere in your wedding budget.
  • You are not on a budget. (The sky is the limit!)

Key Take Away

  • Know how you feel about cake
  • Read the other posts to see how to organise to make your wedding cake

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