5 Things You Need To Know Before You Order The Cake

Here You Are About to Order Your Wedding Cake… But before you can do this, there are a few things you need to decide on. As the wedding cake gets all the attention during the cake cutting ceremony, you want to ensure it looks perfect. You can create harmony by incorporating your theme, colours, flowers or dress details in the cake design. This post is the first of five posts from Brides Corner.

When to order the wedding cake
When to Order the Wedding Cake?

Your Wedding Date (you are here now)

Your Venue

Your Wedding Theme/ Style and Colours

Your Flower Choice

Your Wedding Dress

Each post is discussed from the viewpoint of how your decisions affect your wedding cake.

1. Know The Wedding Date

Before you can order the wedding cake, you need to know when you are getting married. With this starting point, you can confidently plan and book your cake.

Here are two reasons why the date matters.

So You Can Order The Cake Early

There are different thoughts about how early is too early. A general guide though is… A year or so in advance and at the very least three months in advance.

(If you need to organise your wedding in three months or fewer, you need this guide! It will ensure you haven’t forgotten anything!)

The second is not so well known to brides…

You have this cake vision that you totally LOVE –

but your cake decorator says NO… why?

When to order the wedding cake - seasons affect the cake

• Seasons Can Wreak Havoc With Cake

Too hot – the icing can melt or dry the cake out quickly

Too cold– and it can cause icing condensation or get a ‘bloom’ on the surface.

Knowing when in the year you are getting married will determine what finish is possible on your cake.

Remember, your cake will have to sit out in the open for a couple of hours at the very least. Make sure you have thought this through carefully. Seasons can also determine what ingredients are available or “in season”. This may not affect every cake decorator, but certainly, in little towns or certain countries, this could be the case.

So What Cake Types Go With What Seasons?

Cooler Weather…

  • Fresh Flowers
  • Buttercream
  • Fresh Cream anything
  • Ganache Covered Cakes

By having the reception later in the day/evening when it is cooler, your choices of the different cake finishes increase.

Cake at Vic Falls

Note: Chocolate decorations can get a bloom on them and fondant cakes can get condensation on the icing, this is mostly from refrigerating at low temperatures or from being exposed to very cold weather.

Other Weather…

Fondant covered cakes are generally fine year-round.

Note: Fondant cakes need to be kept cool. Both extreme heat or cold can cause the icing to spoil.

Tip – It can be a nightmare for your decorator to ensure your cake looks great when the seasons are in control, so choose wisely for everyone’s sake. Dripping icing and wilted flowers are no fun!

Cake decorators like to play it safe and will not take on high-risk orders in certain seasons. However, there are ways around, “getting the cake you want”, and there are decorators that may “make an exception”.

Cake at Vic Falls

When to order the wedding cake -Make the Wedding Cake

Are You Thinking About Making Your Own Cake?

Try blueprint, they have got a variety of courses and practical tips, you can pick up great tips for free in their blog section.

Watch wedding diy classes at mybluprint.com

Key Take Away

  • Know the season you are getting married in
  • Be aware that this could limit your cake choice
  • Be practical – for everyone’s sake
  • Every cake decorator is different – choose one that will make exceptions if necessary.

When to order the wedding cake - Your Wedding Cake and The Date
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So now you know, be aware of the seasons and only order the cake when you know the date of the wedding. Generally a year to three months ahead of time. Personally, I like to know about 6 months before. And finally, by having the reception in the cooler part of the day, most cake decorating options should work.

Have you started your wedding website yet? Start it earlier rather than later. Closer to the wedding date you will be hectic.

Create Your Free Wedding Website

Check-in on the Brides Corner for more tips on when to order the wedding cake!

4 thoughts on “5 Things You Need To Know Before You Order The Cake”

  1. I learnt quite a few things here about when to order a wedding cake. I never knew that the time of the year or the season has anything to do with the bridal cake and that very warm environment in the wedding reception hall can wreck havocs as the cake has to stand there for many hours while the ceremony gradually starts and progresses to the cake item on the wedding ceremony agenda. 

    Thanks for this enlightenment and I will definitely share your article with my niece as dripping icing and wilted flowers will definitely ruin her special day !

    • Hey Chris,

      Appreciate you sharing the article with your niece.  Glad you learnt a few things about when to order the wedding cake!

  2. I will agree with you on four points. But not completely on what type goes with the season. For me, I would like to have what I want for my wedding cake because it is my wedding and I would like to have something that will make me happy, even if it is not the latest trend. As long as it is possible to have it done according to my taste. I know some ingredients may not be available in any season, but I will try to make it happen.


    • Hi Adyns68

      I totally get what you are saying!  You have dreamed about your cake forever and that’s what you want. 🙂

      As to the ingredients, sometimes it is possible to make it happen.  Like if it was to have fresh fruit, in somecases preserves or tinned could be used.  Online delivery is possible some countries.

      For the finish of the cake, it gets tricky.  As an example, we live in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe and it’s hot most of the time.  Some cake finishes spoil quickly which is probably why fondant finished cakes are very popular.  

      I’m not saying anything else is not possible, but as a cake decorator, accepting a fondant finish is a whole lot easier than say, a fresh cream or ganache finish that requires extra care (as in refigeration) on delivery and prior to the reception.  Lots can happen to the cake with all the moving around and I certainly wouldn’t want to be called back to fix it, because it got damaged or dropped in transit from the fridge to the cake table.

      Of course it’s really up to the bride.  But with such high risk finishes I charge a lot more to ensure any extra work and time spent on it, is covered.

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