What Cake Would Go With A Burgundy And White Wedding Theme?

Bold colours pop on white. Burgundy and white look stunning together. If this is a colour theme you want to incorporate into your wedding; you are going to have fun! What about the cake? Can you add burgundy on white? A Wedding Theme is a thread that shows itself clearly in everything. So the invitations, flowers, decor, the cake and the favours all tie together and look fantastic when done well. In burgundy white wedding themes you most certainly should add the bold colour to the cake. If it seems a bit too much, consider going with pastel tones with touches of the bold colour amongst it all.

Going Bold With The Burgundy

burgundy white wedding theme cake
Source: Fabmood

Isn’t it gorgeous? It has marbled grey bits in the icing and gorgeous fresh burgundy and pink flowers among purple leaves and berries. It has the feel of Autumn.

Burgundy White Wedding Theme Cake
This is a picture of a pin that is from Fabmood that has been my most pinned cake pin ever.

Getting The Right Amount Of Burgundy to White On The Cake

Not so comfortable with the amount of colour? A more subtle approach would be a cake like this. With just a sprinkling of the burgundy against the white with the only other colours being the grey-green leaves and pale pink roses.

burgundy white wedding cake
Source: Pinterest

Or perhaps this beautiful ruffle wedding cake. It almost looks like the burgundy roses are dried, but it is subtle and not overwhelming.

Just a touch of the bold colour, but enough to make it work in the theme of burgundy and white.

white burgandy wedding theme
Source: Pieceofcakeaz

Adding Other Colours To The Burgundy

While the white works with the burgundy, it’s interesting to me that often other colours are brought in to it. The colour works well with greens, pinks and purples. Here’s one that adds orange and gold to the mix.

burgundy white and orange wedding cake autumn style
Source: the.macaroom

And here is burgundy and blue with a touch of white. It’s an interesting combination and shows that wedding cakes can be any colour. The trick with this kind of cake is to get your tones correct. Stick to cool or warm colours and be careful about mixing them.

burgundy and blue wedding cake
Source: Michellleoevents

Really Going To Town With Burgundy And White

This cake is stunning and our top pick from all the hundreds of burgundy and white cakes we can across. If you choose something like this, be absolutely confident that your cake decorator or bakery can pull it off.

white burgundy wedding theme cake
Source: Opulenttreasures

The Feel Burgundy And White Give To A Wedding Theme Cake

It is definitely a statement kind of cake with the bold burgundy against the white. It gives the feel of Autumn, confidence and maturity. It’s the kind of cake you could have fun designing. And your cake decorator will love you as it’s exciting to find a bride willing to stray from the traditional type of wedding cake. Don’t forget to incorporate your theme into your wedding cake, it can make a world of difference and will make it more memorable for everybody.

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