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Creating Unique Wedding Cakes in Victoria Falls

If you are planning a wedding in 2018 – have you considered a luxury destination wedding?   What about Victoria Falls in Africa?  How romantic would that be?

Getting married in one of the Seven Wonders of the World – deserves only the best.

Let us help you to fulfil the dream.  The perfect destination, with a beautifully unique and delicious wedding cake that compliments you as a couple!

When attending weddings, I find myself itching to see the CAKE!  Never mind the bride, lol!

It can take awhile before you get to that part… Skip to the customary cake-cutting ceremony, and the wedding cake becomes the centre of attention and talking point for a few brief glorious moments – before it gets cut up and eaten!

Make it memorable – be unique!  Be you!

Make your cake unique

With more and more bespoke creations being made, brides are able to do just that and have something designed that is meaningful to them. It is by far my most favourite to make!   You know having a part in a wedding (by making the cake) is a very special feeling only a cake-decorator would know about.  You just so want it perfect in every way!  It becomes a labour of love :-).  And when you love something, you aren’t going to be cutting any corners right!  So just know that I will use the best ingredients I can get my hands on and will ensure you have that unforgettable dream cake at your wedding!  So… Whether it’s for 2 or 200, we have you covered!

Our goal is to make your day memorable

What’s my best part of the whole process?  The face of the bride when she gets the first glimpse of her creation!  One delighted bride did a double-take and asked, “That’s my cake?”  It’s why we keep making them! 🙂

Single tier Wedding Cakes
Single Tier Wedding Cakes


2 tiered wedding cake designs
2 Tiered Wedding Cake Designs


3 tier wedding cakes
3 Tier Wedding Cakes


Mini Cakes to Match the Wedding Cake
Mini Cakes to Match the Wedding Cake



In Zimbabwe, it’s traditional to have fruitcake at the reception.  And this has been the most popular so far.

Modern brides are leaning toward flavour sponges, carrot, red velvet and other more well-known flavours.

I’m not stressed with this, it’s your special day if you want each layer different, that’s fine by me.

Wedding Anniversary

The same goes for Anniversaries.  If you live here locally and would like us to make you one – get in touch.

Please remember, the more time in advance the better.  A week or few days notice, will not be enough time for me to make your request and you will be disappointed…

Please supply us with your details here for both Wedding and Anniversary Cakes.  Note: We do not make birthday cakes.

We will contact you within 1-2 working days.  Please ensure that you read the terms and conditions. To secure your booking, please consider contacting us about three months in advance. We look forward to working with you.

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Or Looking for places to stay for your honeymoon?

Feel free to leave any comments or questions below.


  1. Wow! Love this site! I like the way you integrated travel destinations and wedding cakes all in the same package:) I would absolutely love to visit Zimbabwe, if I had the time and money! Your cakes are absolutely beautiful. You have real talent, that’s for sure! I can’t even bake cupcakes without them sinking in the middle! I can’t wait to read more on your site down the road!

    1. Author

      Hi Suzi,

      How lovely that you stopped by and I so appreciate your kind comments. Zim is an interesting travel destination. Victoria Falls being geared up for Adventure Travel – other places highlight the Safari Experience or Historical Features. Maybe one day you will get to visit! 🙂 Don’t worry – there are many things I can’t do either! Cupcakes that sink in the middle are perfect for holding a scoop of ice-cream – drizzle a bit of melted chocolate over top with a few cake sprinkles and everyone will think you are awesome…Lol! Have a great day!

  2. Hi I wish I was still younger I would definitely taken you up on your offer. I fully agree with you about the wonder of Victoria Falls. I was born in Rhodesia (Now Zimbabwe) so I know how beautiful the falls are.

    Your site is done with such elegance that you are already attracting ,the young couples, in wanting to be there.

    God bless

    1. Author

      Hi Naomi

      How lovely that you stopped by. Glad you have visited us! You must miss Africa. Is it true for you, that Africa gets in your blood?

      Thank you for the compliment 🙂 Yes a few younger couples have started asking questions. I think it is the most romantic destination to get married at! And of course getting to make another cake would just be awesome! Hope you have fond memories of Africa. I was wondering what date you were here? Bit of history there!

  3. Great cakes!!!! Have been enjoying Tracy’s cakes for years. Well worth a try, from a chocolate to a wedding cake all are amazingly very good. Keep coming back for more.

    1. Author

      Hi Chrissie, thanks for your continued support over the years!

  4. Wow, what a place to get married! I would love to get married somewhere like Victoria Falls one day 🙂 Is it becoming more popular to get married there? Is it quite easy to arrange?

    Do you deliver cakes nationwide? Or is it very localised to Victoria Falls? Also, do you just do wedding cakes or do you do cakes for other special occasions?


    1. Hi Louise,  ☺ great questions!  Yes, it is becoming popular to get married in this quaint little town.  Most Activity operators or hotels, have a wedding package – and are also happy to work with you to ensure your day is perfect.  The bigger hotels have beautiful honeymoon suites and special offers for couples. Perhaps in the next few weeks, I can put together some options that can help you decide if this is something you would like to do. 

      My cakes are local – it may be possible to deliver to Zambia as they are very close, and for now, my focus is on Wedding and Art Cakes. Will be in touch have a great day. 

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