Where Is Victoria Falls Waterfall?

Victoria Falls is an exciting travel destination. In case you need to keep facts on hand – here’s something to save. When you live in a place it never occurs to you that someone wouldn’t know where the Victoria Falls is!  From today, you too will know where Victoria Falls is located, which river it is in and what country you need to visit to see it.  Looking for Victoria Falls Information and where it is exactly? Read on.

Included in this post is an info-graphic with the basic information and facts.

Where or What is Victoria Falls?

Where is Victoria Falls on a globe

Where Can You Find The Victoria Falls Waterfall?

  • The Victoria Falls Waterfall is shared by Zimbabwe and Zambia.
  • The Victoria Falls town is in Zimbabwe – Africa
  • The Victoria Falls National Park is home to the larger part of the Victoria Falls Waterfall on the Zimbabwean side.
  • Mosi-oa-Tunya is the other name given to the Waterfall.
  • It is also, the name of the National Park which has a smaller portion of the Falls: on the Zambian side.
Where is Victoria Falls - Victoria Falls is the name of the Town, Waterfall and National Park.
  • Found in Southern Africa halfway along the Zambezi River.
  • The Zambezi River is the 4th longest river in Africa flowing through 6 other countries.  Starting in Zambia winding through Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe and lastly Mozambique where it naturally seeps into the Indian Ocean.
  • The Falls are along the country borders of both Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Victoria Falls Facts – Information Info-graphic

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Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Claim to Fame

  • One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World
  • On the UNESCO World Heritage List
  • The largest curtain of falling water in the world

The Smoke that Thunders – a translation of Mosi-oa-Tunya. 

The perfect name, given for this spectacular wonder!

Where is Victoria Falls?

17° 55′ 28″ S. 25″ 51′ 24″ E


Zimbabwe and Zambia

Victoria Falls  / Mosi-Oa-Tunya

Measurements – How big is it?

1,708m – width of the Waterfall

108m – Highest Point

1 – Water Drop

Interesting Facts

VICTORIA FALLS is name to the –

  • Town
  • National Park
  • Waterfall

View Points – 19

  • 15 Zimbabwe side
  • 4 Zambian Side

Dr David Livingstone named this waterfall Victoria Falls in 1855 for the British Queen Victoria.

The town Livingstone in Zambia is named after Doctor Livingstone.

Source – The Zambezi River

Eight steep basalt gorges have been formed through the changing waterfall positions over time.

The eight gorges are a breeding site for four species of endangered birds.

Source Material: UNESCO website

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe - Infographic with information and facts
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How was the Victoria Falls Formed?

Here is an excellent video done by UNESCO/NHK.  It is only possible to watch it on their site.

Video by UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Looking for activities in Victoria Falls?

How to Get to Victoria Falls.

About Where to Stay

Well, there you have it!  Now you too know where this amazing wonder lives and how it was formed.  We hope you get to see the Victoria Falls/Mosi-oa-Tunya waterfall for yourself one day: it’s truly impressive.  Come back here and tell us about it! Victoria Falls Information for the savvy traveller!

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  1. Traveling is on my bucket list, and Victoria Falls looks like a wonderful destination. I really enjoyed the video about the formation of the falls, but don’t remember about the origin of the river. Can you help with that? Also, I wondered where the river travels?

    • Hey Tanya, awesome! I am happy to hear you like traveling, Vic Falls will not disappoint! The Zambezi River starts out in Zambia, but does a run through other streams, rivers, waterfalls and countries, before it finally empties into a delta, that drains into the Indian Ocean. https://www.britannica.com/place/Zambezi-River this link takes you on the journey of the Zambesi River. Enjoy!

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    • Hi there Norman ☺

      So glad you enjoyed this infographic. It’s helpful to pin or save it for future reference.  You never know when you might need it to start planning an awesome trip! Victoria Falls really is a wonder of the world and should be on your pending  travel list! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to direct anyone else here who could benefit from a few tips for their Africa travel to Vic Falls Zimbabwe. 

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