Victoria Falls Weather Month By Month – Does It Matter Or Not?

Victoria Falls Weather - Welcome sign Victoria-Falls National Park

Are you looking to learn a little more about Victoria Falls weather, what the seasons are like and what clothes to pack?  Then you’re in the right place!  On this page, you will discover what Victoria Falls weather is like in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December. How this affects the Waterfall and how the weather affects what you will be able to do during your visit. Come, I will show you around.

In case you didn’t know, Vic Falls is a natural beauty – One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World and one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Africa. It can be found on the tip of Zimbabwe and a portion of the waterfall is shared by Zambia. If you would like an info-graphic you can get it here.

As Victoria Falls is such a beautiful destination, we think it would be an amazing place to get married or to have your honeymoon at. If you do, please consider getting us to make your wedding cake.

Victoria Falls Weather And Natural Beauty

Still natural and so close to being the same as when David Livingstone first clapped eyes on this majestic sight!  This is significant, as there is a delicate balance, to preserving the environment and keeping tourists safe and comfortable.

Victoria Falls Weather - Quotation from Dr David Livingstone
Quotation from Dr David Livingstone

Victoria Falls is one of those places that has to be seen to be believed!

It has a supercharge of forceful power and yet invokes gentleness, has an atmosphere of electric excitement and yet is calming – a set of contrasts that can only be found in nature!

The sheer force and deafening roar of the water is overwhelming – who knew so much water was channelled into one place!   The fine mist or heavier spay wafts up from the gorge of churning waters.  It rises up to obscure or tease your viewing and is forced toward you by unpredictable breezes, wrapping you in an enchanting blanket of wonderment (albeit a soaking one too at times!)   

Cake at Vic Falls

An unbelievable sight and magical experience – if you go in the right season. 

Video by Tom Varley – Victoria Falls Weather Taken in May 2020 during Lockdown

Victoria Falls Weather – Do Seasons Really Matter?

Victoria Falls Weather
Victoria Falls Weather – Month By Month

If it is important to you to see the Victoria Falls at it’s best or fullest, make sure you plan your trip with this in mind – it dries up considerably in the summer months.

A few years ago, and recently, it went viral, that Victoria Falls had dried up completely!  We got messages and phone calls from friends and family, asking if this was in fact true.

The Zambezi River never runs dry, there is always water flowing over – even in the dry season.  There have been a number of drought years and rainfall hasn’t been like it was back in the day, so this no doubt contributes to lower levels in the Zambezi river generally.  But it’s still flowing and rolling over the edge of the cliff face every second of the day. (Even during the dry season.)

Victoria Falls Weather - Quotation from David Livingstone
Quotation from David Livingstone

When David Livingstone got his first glimpse of the Falls on his second trip out in 1855, looking for ‘The Smoke that Sounds” it was the in November.  This is usually one of the driest or lowest in terms of water flow.  It was only because of this drop in water levels and the Victoria Falls weather, that Livingstone was able to get his canoe to the middle island (now Livingstone Island) and was able to peer over the edge!

He later exclaimed that,

“…No one can imagine the beauty of the view from anything witnessed in England,”

 “…The most wonderful sight I had witnessed in Africa”

“…it’s rather a hopeless task to endeavour to convey an idea of it in words.”

To be on the safe side, he was very conservative of the length and depth of the waterfall, he explains here why…

“Whoever may come after me will not, I trust, have reason to say that I have indulged in exaggeration.”

With this in mind, you can be assured that a visit in any season would be worth your while.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Victoria Falls Weather?

Victoria Falls Weather
Victoria Falls Weather – Zambian Side in the Dry and Peak Season

Deciding when to visit may not be entirely yours to make.

Getting leave from work and planning around school holidays could have you visiting at a different season to what you had hoped.

But… if it was possible to have your holiday when you wanted, you would want to know all the possibilities of each month of the year.  So let’s do that now.

Victoria Falls Weather During The Seasons – Month By Month

Victoria Falls Weather - February, March, April, May

You want to see the Victoria Falls at it’s best – the full (or thereabout) curtain of water, with the impressive spray and magical experience.

Victoria Falls Weather
The Main Falls will always have water flowing over regardless of the season – Victoria Falls Weather

February – March – April – May

Flood Season – February to May with a peak in April.

The rain would have normally have just begun by November and this year we have had rain in the last days of March.

Rains from higher up the Zambezi river as well as local rains, drain into the Zambezi and this raises the water levels over time.

By February more water is thundering over the precipice.  This makes for a continual rain shower with mist everywhere, often directed by the breeze, making visibility at times poor.

You will get wet along with anything else you carry during this time!  It is a very exhilarating experience!

image 8391519 13085046

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Pros To Visiting In The Months Of February – May

  • The weather is pleasant
  • The Waterfall is full
  • The Spray (Smoke) is high
  • The Thunder of the Falls is loud at night
  • You get wet on your tour
  • Both sides – Zambia and Zimbabwe are well worth doing, with the Zambia side being the most adventurous at this time
  • Everything is green and lush

Cons To Visiting Between February and May

  • At times, you can’t actually see the full Waterfall on the Zimbabwe side, as the spray obscures the view in places. Especially by Danger Point. Remember there are no barriers there, so stick to the paths.
  • Photos are tricky to take (but you will get some), there is a risk of water damage to your equipment, protect your documents by carrying them in watertight bags.  Cling wrap your cell phone and get a proper cover for your camera.  If you have expensive equipment, seriously consider getting travel insurance to cover any possible water damage.
  • Animals have plenty of food and so have no need to move around – Safari is not that great anywhere but it’s very pretty with the greenery. Bird watching is amazing though, so have in mind to look for the smaller things and just enjoy the environment and surroundings. The African bush is beautiful in all seasons.
  • Many activities that involve the Zambezi River are not safe and so can’t be done

Tip – Bring a raincoat!  Although, there are raincoats for hire (at the entrance car park of the Victoria Falls) for around $3 each. Also a warm sweater – you will need it for warming up afterwards and grab a coffee at the cafe.

If this is the only time you can come, aim for early February or late May.  April is about the peak month.

Victoria Falls is still a natural beauty Seasons Matter

You want to go on a holiday safari when it’s cooler and see lots of animals – particularly the Big 5.

Victoria Falls Weather
Regardless of the seasons – there will always be water flowing at the Devils Cataract or Leaping Water viewing point.

June – July – August

Pros To Visiting Between June and August

  • The rains should be gone
  • There is still a nice flow over the Falls and the view is better with not as much spray or mist, patches of the gorge are visible
  • The weather is cool to warm during the day and cool to cold at night
  • Safari is great!
  • Some river activities are now open

Cons To Visiting Between June and August

  • By August the water levels are starting to drop rapidly
  • The Zambia side of the Falls are just a trickle and a bit disappointing if you were expecting to see a full water flow.

Tip – It seems like these months have the perfect Victoria Falls Weather. The Goldilocks months – “Just Right!”

Victoria Falls is still a natural beauty Seasons Matter

You want to avoid the heat!

Victoria Falls still a natural beauty seasons matter
Gorge or cliff face on the Zambian side during the dry season.

September – October – November

Dry Season – the rest of the year – driest in November.  Most of the rock face is visible with only trickles of water by Danger Point.  Note that The Devils Cataract always has water gushing over – the river never dries up completely.  The Zambian side is dry for most of this period. Remember, that the full curtain of water is a seasonal show and this is the end of the cycle.

Travel Hygiene Solutions To Victoria Falls Weather

The Zambezi River And The Fisherman

As the water levels are low, seeing fisherman in the river (along the Zambezi Drive or the Loop Road) is quite common.  A number of locals also bathe here as part of their religious beliefs.

Zambezi River Fisherman
Victoria Falls Weather During Dry Season – Fishermen in the Zambezi River

Pros To Visiting Between September and November

Cons To Visiting Between September and November

  • It is hot – hot – hot
  • It’s malaria season
  • Some river activities have stopped as the water flow is low
  • The Zambia side of the Falls is now dry as well as part of the Zimbabwe side of the Falls.

Tip – Bring a hat!  Sunscreen and cool cotton clothes. Victoria Falls weather can be draining – keep hydrated

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Tip – In transit and think you have malaria while you are on holiday here? The Victoria Falls Pharmacy have a test that can be done immediately that will give you the answer straight away.  It will even tell you the strain of malaria you have.

Victoria Falls is still a natural beauty Seasons Matter

Humid with new green growth and hot with occasional rains

Victoria Falls still a natural beauty seasons matter
Victoria Falls Weather – Rains bring the bush scrub to life, giving it a beautiful fresh green makeover.

December – January

Rainy Season – starts in late November with occasional showers throughout the next few months up until early April. It seldom rains for very long.  It usually builds up – making everything hot and sticky – rains and then builds up again.  The rain can come every day or once a week… it’s not very predictable.  But cool is always something we welcome here as it’s mostly hot year-round.

Pros To Visiting in December and January

  • It is pretty to see the environment change from the dry blonde, to the bright green.

Cons To Visiting in December and January

  • The Falls are starting to fill out a bit, with excellent views of the gorge
  • Many river activities have stopped
  • Safari is a bit of a hit and miss

Tip – bring an umbrella, good footwear and a sweater.

Tip – remember that sunset cruises are fantastic year round.

Victoria Falls Weather
Victoria Falls Weather – The time difference between these two waterfall shots is 4 months.

The spray – seen from the main road in the Victoria Falls town reminding us it is there. It billows into the sky and has been recorded that it typically measures to a height of over 400 metres (although it’s considerably less during low water flow) and is visible from quite a distance (Wikipedia says 50 km away, I’ll take their word on it lol!).  The Spray literally changes every day!

Victoria Falls Spray
Victoria Falls weather affects the spray. It can be seen from quite a distance (Wikipedia says 50 kilometres away) and rises up to 400 metres into the sky.

Personally, we love both seasons and the bits in between!  It’s been a fascinating watch, observing the Zambezi River as it rises and then drops, noting the changes in the landscape and seeing the birds and occasional wildlife, that wander into town.

Victoria Falls Weather Sunrise
Sunrise on Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Main Falls and Zambia (view from the Victoria Falls Bridge).

And most of all? Sunrise – It’s like a gift every morning. I must have hundreds of sunrise photos! Our flat window is positioned in prime view of the spray from the Falls (mostly only seen from there at sunrise), it’s a treat to watch every morning during breakfast. However, once the sun is up, it’s pretty hot, and in September/October, it can be quite unbearable.  Thank goodness for air-con, fans and swimming pools!

View The Victoria Falls From A Drone’s Perspective

Want to get a real feel experience?  The following video from National Geographic – enables you to see 360 degrees.  Use two fingers to direct the video or use the arrow keys to direct the view.

Victoria Falls Weather Affects The Seasons

The Beauty Is In Its Naturalness

Victoria Falls has been kept quite natural. No huge built up fences or barriers to mar the beauty. Instead, the gorges are made safe using simple stick fences and are adequately secured at all the viewing points. From danger point on there is no protection, and obviously, caution will be needed. Signs clearly mark where not to go. Don’t be tempted to get any dangerously positioned selfies!

(On the Zambia side, there are barriers due to the sheer drop. But it allows you to experience the waterfall close up.)

Victoria Falls Weather
Victoria Falls Weather – Curtain of Water
Victoria Falls Still a Natural Beauty - stick barrier
Victoria Falls Weather – Natural Stick Barriers

The pathways along the waterfall front are made using stones and concrete. Though plain, they blend naturally into the environment and are practical and hard-wearing for all the frequent visitors.

Victoria Falls is still a natural beauty pathways
Victoria Falls Weather – Natural and practical pathways for viewing the Falls.

Note though, that it rains 24/7 with the spray from the Falls and so the rain-forest is damp to dripping wet (which is why the rain-forest is so lush and green), this can and does make the pathways slippery.

While this is not always the case – the drier months are different, it is worth being careful at all times, especially down the stairs.

Victoria Falls is still a natural beauty pathways
Victoria Falls Weather – Pathways can be damp to dripping wet take care.

Be sure to:

–  wear shoes with a good grip
–  walk with someone
–  take your time!

Cake at Vic Falls

What You Can Expect To See – Tour the Victoria Falls

The larger part of the waterfall is on the Zimbabwe side which has the best viewing points – fifteen of them (more if you include the bridge view) that span the following features of the waterfalls.

  • The Devils Cataract (also known as Leaping Water as it does just that – leaps out)
  • The Main Falls
  • The Horse Shoe Falls
  • The Rainbow Falls (which is the deepest at 108m)
  • The Eastern Cataract in part

The Victoria Falls Bridge connects the two countries – Zimbabwe and Zambia.  You will see this bridge on your tour, it’s right at the end.  On the Zambia side, you get to look up at it from the bottom of the walking trail.

Enjoy the beauty of nature and look out for the little wonders too!

Victoria Falls Tour
Victoria Falls Weather – Stop and note the little wonders too…

On Google, it says that the average visitor to the Falls only stays for 45 minutes!  You’ve spent a lot of money to visit this Natural Wonder – don’t rush through the experience, relax and enjoy!

Helpful Information

More reading here…

Vic Falls a 7 natural world wonder - Victoria Falls Seasons Zambezi River
Victoria Falls Weather – Zambezi River in the Seasons

Victoria Falls as you can see is still a Natural Beauty! And Seasons And Weather Really Do Matter!

There you have it, Victoria Falls weather month by month. Why you need to visit and what the best time of year is for you. We also believe it would make an amazing wedding destination. Help me make the page useful to everyone by leaving comments and questions below and whether you have visited any of the 7 natural wonders of the world.

Victoria Falls Waterfall - also called Vic Falls  a 7 natural wonder of the world
Victoria Falls Weather – Pin your favourite picture

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  1. Wow! What an utterly beautiful place to visit, I certainly hope I have the opportunity to go there one day. Your site is very well laid out and with many amazing pics that reflect your love and passion for the place. The content information is very to the point and accurate which is great, you describe the falls with so much care it is hard not to imagine being there. Thanks so much for sharing,

    • Hello Kenny,

      I do love the Victoria Falls!  It’s something you need to start saving for so that you can see it too!  Appreciate you taking the time to comment.  All the best.

  2. I loved reading this blog. It took me back to my visit to Victoria Falls in 1996. I visited twice during the months of March and May. I took great advantage of seeing the magnificent falls from all directions, as I white water rafted the Zambezi River and bungee jumped and skydived over Victoria Falls. The weather was fantastic, the people were friendly and I would highly recommend a visit to this spectacular natural wonder.

    • Hi OCTeam,

      What lovely memories you must have!  I wonder which activity was your favourite?  Do you have any plans to visit again?  Sounds like you had a lovely rounded out trip. Glad you would recommend a visit here!  Thanks for stopping by.

  3. What a lovely site displaying the beauty of Victoria Falls Zimbabwe! My fiance and I are looking for destinations for our honeymoon and this would be an amazing place to visit! Thank you for the thorough information during each season and the various happening during them! We live in the USA and have always wanted to visit Southern Africa. Many of our friends have been to Zimbabwe and we’ve heard some wonderful stories! Thank you for enlightening our search!

    • Hi Erin,

      Thank you!  Congratulations on your up-coming wedding.  Victoria Falls is a beautiful African Honeymoon Destination.  What month is your wedding?  So glad that you have heard great stories about Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls town is like a different place to other areas in Zimbabwe.  It’s quiet and is a tourism town.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask or contact me.  All the best with planning your honeymoon trip.

  4. Africa has the most stunning beauty in the world. I have been to many places around the world but I think the Victoria falls is a must to visit before you die.

    I always associate Victoria Falls with Stanley and Dr Livingstone the famous British Explorer. I believe he was one of the first Europeans to set eyes on the Victoria Falls in 1885. If you get the opportunity go and stand in awe at the “smoke that thunders”

    • Hi Richard.

      You put that so nicely!  Africa is so unique.

      Yes you are right about Dr Livingstone and Stanley.  Victoria Falls is so worth visiting.

      Thanks for stopping by and share this with anyone you know, who is planning to visit Africa.

  5. I’m not planning to get married or need a wedding cake in the near future, but I would recommend Victoria Falls to any friend looking for an exciting and beautiful place to go. 40 years ago I lived in Senegal for two and a half years and would like to get back there now that I am retired. I’ll keep in mind making it to Southern Africa as well. Thanks for a great idea of a place for a nature adventure.

    • Hi there,

      A trip to Senegal and then down to Victoria Falls sounds very adventurous!  I wish you all the best planning your trip.  Come back when you are ready for more tips for your trip.

  6. Victoria Falls really has two extreme states. Just a drip in the dry months…to a torrent of water everywhere! I have to say, based on the pictures it is beautiful in every phase.

    We have a lot of waterfalls here in Oregon. What I found most helpful about this post were the tips for taking care of your gear. Water is the enemy of electronics and you provided some great tips here…thanks!

    If we ever visit Africa, it looks like Victoria Falls is a must see destination!

    • Hello kmv

      I am so glad you found the page helpful.  Yes, lots of stories of damaged equipment.  Perhaps if you did come to visit Victoria Falls in the full season, get good travel insurance.  Enjoy the waterfalls in Oregon!

  7. It seems that no photo can do justice for Victoria Falls. A 4-D movie may come close. But in the end, it still sounds like something that we practically have to see to believe.

    Glad to know when the right season is to visit this place. Unfortunately, I’m rather afraid to step into Zimbabwe itself.

    • Hi Michael, yes it’s an amazing experience!  Fear not – you could view it partially from the Zambia Side.  Honestly, Victoria Falls is very quiet and peaceful and there are more tourists in town then we have seen in a long time.

  8. Hi, thank you for this article, I have learnt a lot. I know nothing about Zimbabwe but I’d sure like to visit now. The falls look amazing and I was delighted by the wonderful pictures. Still, I can imagine the poor tourists that came for the dry season and, therefore, didn’t see anything! But thanks to your article, it’s not gonna happen anymore. I will now take your advice and add this travel to my list.
    Have a nice day.

    • Hi Elia

      That’s great news!  I know Victoria Falls won’t disappoint!  Just remember if the dry season is the only time you can come – view it from Zimbabwe Side.  Save a few pictures to a travel wish list on Pinterest.

  9. Wow the waterfall at Victoria Falls Zimbabwe look amazing. I did not know that it is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. How high is the fall?

    The flood season look from February to May look so great as it is full of water. I think this is the best season for me to go.

    • Hello there Veasna Sam,

      Isn’t it!!!  It’s 108m high at the centre point.…  I love the Falls at it’s fullest too!  But it is a drenching experience and you won’t see much of the Danger Point area as it’s full of mist.  But it’s so enchanting and exciting.  I really think you should start planning a trip here.

  10. Victoria Falls has always been on my bucket list of places to visit in Africa. I have never heard that story of the Falls ever drying up, it could have discouraged me.
    Now I only need to evaluate the different seasons as you have highlighted then decide on the right time for me to visit.

    • Hi Anita,

      Yes, imagine!  I was confused as to how it could have got started. But if the person had visited the Zambia side – it would have been very dry and very disappointing.  If you happen to only have a chance to visit during the dry season, make sure you visit and stay on the Zimbabwe side.  I wish you all the best with your planning.  And am glad the season review is helpful.  Be sure to read more posts for tips and suggestions.

  11. The only waterfalls I’ve ever had the chance to see, except very little ones, are Niagara Falls. Victoria Falls looks lovely and I’ve always wanted to go. The pictures you’ve got here are spectacular. Is there an area nearby with hotels or camping grounds? Or maybe a link to a tour site? I wouldn’t even know how to begin to plan a trip like this from the U.S.

    • Hi Jamie, planning a trip is always exciting!

      I am going to send you some suggestions now.

      All the best!

  12. thanks for this post on Victoria Falls. You must love living here. Did I read this correctly that you make and decorate cakes in Victoria Falls? Such a beautiful place and I can only imagine parties and weddings held with that scenery. That is sad to hear about the drought. The world is doing interesting things lately, but of course, hope that doesn’t happen again for your area. I think about all the animals and plants that need that water. ~ great read!

    • Hey Lyndsay,

      Yes, we do love living here!  And yes, I decorate wedding cakes in the Victoria Falls area.  Some of the wedding reception venues are so beautiful by the river.  We had loads of rain this year, so let’s hope it will make the difference for the dams and wells.  The animals are able to get most of there food deep in the bush at the moment – from January to August there-about, but as the long grass dries to a bush blonde, the animals start moving around to the watering holes and the river.  Glad you enjoyed the read!

  13. Wow, what a beautiful place. I did not know that the Vic Falls were one of the 7 natural wonders, but I can see why. I have always wanted to visit Africa and do a safari. It is on my bucket list. I think visiting these falls surpasses that idea!

    • Hi Matts Mom,

      Great to see you again here! Yes, isn’t it an awesome place! You know you could see the Falls and do a Safari. So you would be sorted – lol! For a fantastic safari experience, but with the creature comforts too here is a great place to stay. Remember the best time to visit will depend on what is important to you. Game viewing is best from June through October. Hope you get to visit!

      Enjoy your week.

  14. This place does look amazing! The scenery looks amazing and I can well imagine that the seasons do matter! Would you say that winter is the best time to visit? I’ll be sure to grab a cake while I’m there.

    As well as Victoria Falls, does Zimbabwe have more interesting things worth seeing?

    • Hi Stephen,

      It is beautiful! The water flow is getting stronger and from my window, the “smoke” or spray is a pillar in the sky – stunning with the sunrise tinting it a golden pink. To answer your question, you need to know what is important to you about your visit. Are you coming for the Falls? The white water rafting? The safari experience? If it’s for the Waterfall (at it’s best) the end of January through to the end of April, will give you that full curtain of water, or close enough.

      Sure there are definitely other worthwhile stops in Zimbabwe. Top of our own personal list is Mana Pools. But there is also the Matopos National Park, Hwange National Park, The Great Zimbabwe Ruins and Chinhoyi Caves, just to mention a few. Each is unique and different.

      I look forward to making you that cake!

      All the best with your travel plans.


  15. Would you suggest a sunrise or sunset at Victoria Falls and where to view it from? Traveling next week, January 25! Nervous about mosquitoes, but want to maximize our 3 days there! Should I wear normal tennis shoes or maybe some water shoes? Is there a lot of hiking or just viewing points? Thanks in advance! I cannot wait! I LOVE waterfalls!

    • Hi there Lindsey. Oh my you must be so excited!
      You know both times are fantastic. Sunrise and sunset. My favourite is sunrise over the Main Falls. Perhaps you could just see what other activities you are wanting to fit in. A sunset cruise is also special. And a few of the other activities are later in the day. So a nice bright early start at the Falls would be ideal! If your hotel package includes breakfast, get them to pack you up a little picnic and pop it into your backpack. Or if not the rainforest cafe has an awesome menu. I love their coffee!!! Tennis shoes would be perfect!

      Don’t worry too much about mosquitoes – most places have the spray on hand – just ask for it. If you do react to bites generally it might be a good idea to include a few antihistamines with your toiletries. If you have been in a malaria area for more than 7 days and think you have it – The Victoria Falls Pharmacy has a $5 test that you can get done straight away, and it tests for two strains of malaria. But we have been here for years and never had it, so don’t stress too much! ?

      The Zimbabwe side has the great viewing points, it’s the Zambia side that has the hiking trail of sorts down to the boiling pot beneath the Vic Falls Bridge.

      Well if you need to know anything else just ask!?

      Have a fantastic holiday!


  16. Awesome looking falls. Would love to see the Victoria Falls in real life and take some photos from all different angles. I wonder what they look like at both sunrise and sunset? I see you mention being there at sunrise. Is it also good at sunset as well? I’m thinking more from a photography viewpoint. Which would be better? Sunrise or sunset?

    • Hey Darren glad you stopped by.

      The Victoria Falls Nation Parks are open from 6 am – 6 pm.  Today sunrise was exactly at 6 am but will start getting a few minutes earlier till December.  If you got to the Park, to be the first in, you could get some awesome sunrise photos. Remember though that sunrise happens very quickly, so you will have to have your wits about you and your equipment ready to go!  As for sunset, it sets a few minutes after 6 pm.

      However, there is a Photographic Tour of the Falls that you could take. There are three options – Sunrise Tour, Rainbow Tour and Sunset Tour. The Sunset Tour is done from the Zambian side, while the Sunrise Tour and Rainbow Tour (which actually can also be booked and done together for a bit more money) are both done on the Zimbabwe side.

      It’s well worth doing though – the colours on the Falls make it quite enchanting. Hope you get to come to visit.

      Hope it works out for you.


  17. Hello,
    Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is absolutely beautiful and truly a wonder! It would be tough to decide whether to see them in full force or when you can explore the pools at the base in the calm season. Are the rafting excursions an all-day event or are there different options? Also, what would be the youngest age you’d recommend for children on the walk to see the falls during peak season? This sounds like a wonderful trip well worth the effort! Thank you so much for the information!

    • Hey Steve and Chris,

      Yes it is a tough decision – which season to come in…

      The rafting is basically a day event. Starting from 7 am – 2:30 pm. You are going to be exhausted after it, and will just want a hot bath and bed! The rafting is grade 5 rapids. In the low season, you cover rapids #1 through #19, in the high season rapids #11 through #24.

      There is no age limit to view the Falls. However, if your child can fit in a stroller, I would highly recommend this. Alternatively, carry them around or pack a child carrier according to their age. If you go along together as a family and look out for each other taking extra care it should be fine.

      Hope you get to visit us in Vic Falls.

  18. Hi Tracy,

    This looks like an amazing place to be! Beautiful scenery! I haven’t done any traveling lately but I would definitely keep Victoria Falls in mind. The beauty of this falls is too beautiful to pass by. When do you think is the best time to visit Victoria Falls to avoid the heat?

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Hi Rosa,

      It is such a lovely place.  At the moment it is going into the summer season.  The days are hot and hazy.  The haze is very pretty though.  I know the heat isn’t easy to adjust to.  The best time for you to come is probably a bit after the rains. Late January through to April is best.  It’s cooler and the Victoria Falls have a lot more water flowing due to the rains filtering into the Zambezi River.  Glad Vic Falls is on your bucket list!

  19. Wow, a simply amazing place to visit, I really want to go those places, I will never be bored, I do always search for a place like that for every vacation, but it’s too far for me, I wish I could make it, Anyways I have added this place to my most wanted place to-go list, if I go there, I can’t stop pressing my camera capture button.
    It is really feel good to see the images even. Look forward to hearing more like this.

    • Hi Shareef,

      There are so many amazing places in the world – you are right, one can never get bored!  So glad to know that Victoria Falls is now on your bucket list!  If you are into adventure then this is the place for you!   Be sure to remember to come back to Cake at Vic Falls when you are ready to get your holiday plans going.  All the best with your travels.

  20. Wow! I have always wanted to go to Victoria Falls…. and so finally have saved enough funds for a trip with my friend out there. I was wondering though, are there any reasonably priced guided tours around the falls? Or is this just something most people do on their own? For instance, will me and my friend easily be able to just hike around and go for an early morning walk by the falls to see nature and things?

    Thanks! I’m really excited to go!

    • Hello Mei,

      You must be getting really excited about your upcoming trip!

      Victoria Falls is a very small town, and you will easily be able to walk around and see it at your own pace, or you could hire a bicycle.

      There is A Guided Tour of Vic Falls – knowledgeable guides will take you around, it takes about 3 hours – it includes transport both ways from your accommodation.

      You can also get a guided tour of the Town itself and includes seeing curio markets and shops – but you may find it more fun exploring together with your friend.

      An early morning walk in the Falls at sunrise would be an awesome experience. As it is almost Summer, the Victoria Falls National Park will be open from 6 am to 6 pm till May.  You could always grab a coffee or have breakfast at the Rainforest Restaurant at the Victoria Falls Entrance Gate.

      The Victoria Falls Bridge is free to walk on, you do need to get a gate pass and show your passport.  We love watching the sunrise from there  – it’s really beautiful.  The Bridge Café would be a great stop for refreshments and there is the Historical Bridge Tour that you wouldn’t want to miss!  Wishing you all the best on your plans!  If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below.

  21. That is beautiful I was there back in 2009 and raft on the Zambezi River and Bunji jumped off of the Vic Falls Bridge. It was amazing. Seeing this makes me realize I would love to go back. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Corinne, sounds like you had a great trip! The weather is perfect right now, in fact, it’s my favourite time of year.  All the best with planning another trip!  Shout if you need help.

  22. Wow, Victoria Falls seems like an amazing place to visit!
    The scenery looks amazing as well!
    When is the best time of the year to visit the Zambezi River are that the falls are in?
    I cant wait to check out the discounts when you post them
    I love to travel and I love discounts for traveling so I will check back soon!


    • Hi Brendon, yes, Victoria Falls is very scenic – the best time to visit the Falls themselves are end of February through to July/August.  The waterfall is at its peak in April/May. But it really is an amazing site regardless of the time of year you manage to get here.  The rock face gorges are just as beautiful! Check back for sure!

  23. What beautiful scenery! Sunrise is indeed a gift to mankind, and to be in a position to welcome its beauty every morning is a blessing. I hope I will be able to take a visit in the near future and to enjoy cake at Vic Falls. Do you cater for international orders?

    • Hey Carol, I hope you visit us soon too! It is a beautiful place, and the seasons bring their own unique beauty. Right now, it’s just about perfect – not too hot, still, a good amount of water coming over the Falls and the trees are changing colour.
      Sadly I don’t do international cake orders. Be sure to get in touch when you visit!

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