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Victoria Falls is still a natural beauty Sunrise

Learn interesting figures and fun facts about Victoria Falls through – Frequently Asked Questions asked on Google –

Victoria Falls is located in the Zambezi River in the Southern part of Africa.  Lays between two boarders in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe and Zambia.   A large portion of land on both sides are prime National Park Areas along the river and further out.  Get an info-graphic showing where the Victoria Falls is located.

The Falls have TWO names.

Victoria Falls – given by the explorer David Livingstone after the reigning queen in England at the time.  


Mosi-0a-Tunya – an old name given by the Tonga people.  It was more a description of the place it means  “The Smoke that Thunders”

The entrance sign to the Falls displays both names – Victoria Falls and Mosi-oa-Tunya.

It’s a truly impressive sight!  It has a 108 m height in the middle of the Falls and it is 1.7 km wide.  That’s pretty awesome!  Read it Claims to Fame Here.

Looking for more reasons?

Here is a great article giving 10 Reasons why Victoria Falls is Africa’s Greatest Natural Wonder.


Victoria Falls Zimbabwe or Zambia?

Well, you can’t come to Africa Zimbabwe or Zambia Livingstone and not see it right?  So, which side of the Zambezi River will you choose?  This article gives a round up of the seasons in Victoria Falls.  It looks different at different times. 

Visas across the boarder and prices of air tickets and where you land, and so many other factors can make the decision for you.

This article rounds a few things up for you.

However, I do think that it’s worth seeing both sides if you can.  

The weather in Victoria Falls is lovely – year round.  But over-all it is mostly hot.

Go here to see what today’s weather is like in Vic Falls. 

This one is a great one for showing the expected weather for the next 10 days.

A calendar roundup of the months.

And a visual guide to the seasons here.

Seasons do matter so choose carefully and know when your desired activity is possible.

Victoria Falls is bigger than Niagara Falls by twice the height and one and a half times it’s width. 

It’s claim to fame is it’s full curtain of falling water – visible during the full flood season.  Being about 1.700 m (5,604 feet) wide and at it’s highest point 108 m (354 feet). 

That is big my friends!

Here’s an aerial view.


Here’s a Map on the Cover of a Travel Journal.  Could be quite useful and a fun way to document your trip.

I also found this map.  It’s beautiful.

Dr David Livingstone.  A missionary and explorer.

While it has been debated – he has claim to being the first European to see it. 

Going to a lot of trouble to find the source of the river, he finally is rewarded with a spectacular site.

Would you like to read more of his story?  This is book is a reproduction of his last journals.  Makes an interesting read. 

If you are looking for activities that will show you the Victoria Falls from different angles – here are some recommended activities.

By Air

By Land

By Rail

By River

Whether you are looking for the best Livingstone Hotels in Zambia or the best Victoria Falls Hotels – just know that there is a lovely range to choose from.

Places to stay in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe include budget options, Safari Settings, Luxury Camps as well as the Famous Victoria Falls Hotel!  

Packaged tours could be a fun option! Check these out.

Looking for somewhere within walking distance of the Zimbabwe Victoria Falls?

No, it has not!

You just have to remember it’s a seasonal show.

Learn the seasons and views that you can expect to see here.


Victoria Falls is in Southern Africa.  Bordering Zimbabwe and Zambia.

South Africa is a country in Southern Africa.

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