Victoria Falls Accommodation Unsure Which 5 Are The Closest?

 Note this Victoria Falls Accommodation is in Reference to the
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Victoria Falls Accommodation
Victoria Falls Accommodation

5 Places Closest To The Victoria Falls Waterfall

If you are here, you are looking for suggestion on where to stay in Victoria Falls.  Staying near or within walking distance of the Falls is a good idea for exploring or travelling on a budget. Fortunately, Victoria Falls accommodation has a lot to offer.

Did you want to stay in Zambia instead? –  This is a great place!

Have you started reading up about Victoria Falls?  Exciting isn’t it?  Planning an adventurous holiday is such fun!

There is lots to do, so you are bound to have an awesome time!

Travel is a very personal thing – some like the safety of the whole guided tour, stay-in-a-group kind of travel, while others like to see things in their own time and style. What kind of traveller are you? I would love to know – share in the comments below!  As Vic Falls is a small town, we see many different visitors.  I find myself often wondering what their take is on travel.

The following are the closest 5 Victoria Falls accommodation options to stay at and will give you the freedom to explore.  If this is your kind of travel experience then read on… we have got you covered!

Things to note: Bookings are not made on this site. In some cases, we earn a small commission for the referral at no extra cost to yourself.

The section things to do – are tips from our own experience and research of these hotels.

5 Accommodation Options Near Or Within Walking Distance Of Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls Hotel

Over a hundred years old – it’s the hotel with the most history attached to it.

It gives you a glimpse back in time.

Was built in the Edwardian Style early on in the towns’ development.

It has recently been renovated and is a delightful place to experience Victoria Falls.

You must visit here, even if you don’t stay.

There is a spectacular view of the Victoria Falls Bridge, a path that starts from the Hotel and winds it’s way down, either to the Lookout Cafe or Victoria Falls National Park Entrance.

This is a five-star hotel and has some of the best reviews.

Victoria Falls Accommodation – Victoria Falls Hotel

Reviews all praise the beautiful view, gardens and the charm Victoria Falls Hotel provides.

Cake at Vic Falls

Things To Do At The Victoria Falls Hotel

Take High Tea any day from 3 to 6 pm – It’s  $30 and feeds 2 to 3 people – the famous “Afternoon tea & cake stand tower” is not to be missed!

Swim – they have one of the best private swimming pools in Victoria Falls. Only hotel residents can swim.

Have lunch at the pool – served from 12 to 4 pm experience a braai (barbeque) Zimbabwe-style!

Use the free Wi-Fi – Great Right?  Catch up with friends and family.

Victoria Falls Accommodation - gift shop at Victoria Falls Hotel
Shop display at the Victoria Falls Hotel

Shop in the Gift Shop

The gift shop is well stocked with vibrant coloured gifts that are unique.

There are also some displays that have exquisite and expensive – leather and jewellery products. (One of a kind!)

Visit the Larry Norton Gallery – a local artist.  His art is on the place-mats and one of his paintings are in the lounge area closest to the Stanley Terrace. Beautiful work!

Dine in the 6 different settings offered by the Hotel.  If you are a foodie – the Livingston Room 7 course meal – may just be the thing!

Spoil yourself – get your hair done, visit the spa or go to the gym.  I highly recommend this, I recently went to have my eyebrows and lashes done and Glenda was super!

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Victoria Falls Accommodation
Victoria Falls Accommodation Options

The Kingdom at Victoria Falls

The Kingdom Hotel is a work of Art! Detailed metal decorations make for a fascinating tour in itself. The Zambezi River is part of the design and fish and small crocodiles have been seen on occasion in the water features.

Close to the Victoria Falls Hotel and so the Hotel also has a pathway that leads to the Victoria Falls Entrance or leads off to The Lookout Café.  There is security on these paths making it a safe explore. Along the path – birds, warthogs and mongoose are often seen.

Victoria Falls Accommodation – The Kingdom at Victoria Falls

Reviews often comment on the location of this Victoria Falls accommodation and the easy access to shops and restaurants nearby. And the helpful staff at the Kingdom Hotel.

Cake at Vic Falls

Things To Do At The Kingdom Hotel

Swim – there are 3 different pools each a different depth to choose from. Music is sometimes played and it’s very relaxing. They allow anyone to swim, as long as they support the bar and buy a drink. Great way to spend a lazy afternoon if you are on a budget.  We like their swimming pool as it has different areas to it that allow you to keep to yourself.

Have lunch by the pool – at the poolside bar, you are able to order light lunches and drinks.

Wine and Dine – the Hotel has 6 different settings- 2 restaurants and 4 bars.

There are a GemStone and gift shop – lovely idea to take an African gem home with you.

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Ilala Lodge

This is the closest Victoria Falls accommodation to the waterfall.  The air is definitely cooler from this point on, and the Victoria Falls is at it’s loudest here at night.

A relaxed environment with open bush nearby that the lawn naturally merges into.

The bird life is amazing! Don’t forget your binoculars.

Elephant, impala, warthog, mongoose and monkeys have been seen in the nearby bush and on the lawns of this Lodge.

During the wet season at night, fireflies light up the surrounding bush – so pretty!  We often walk or drive by to see them- it is quite enchanting. (Just be careful of walking past the point of Ilala Lodge at night – elephants like the bush around there).

Closest Victoria Falls Accommodation To The Victoria Falls Waterfall

Reviews comment on the excellent food. The close walk to the Falls. The friendly and helpful staff at Ilala Lodge.

Cake at Vic Falls

Things To Do At The Ilala Lodge

Swim – they have a lovely pool. Walk-ins are allowed – just make sure you support the drinks bar. We like the low-level tables near the pool and bar – perfect for playing cards!

Have lunch by the pool – a light lunch menu is available that is very reasonable starting at $4 with a Vanilla Waffle with banana, praline ice cream and caramel sauce – the highest is $20 for a Snack Board for two.

Use the free Wi-Fi. – Great right?

Dine – The Palm Restaurant – which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner – you can eat indoors or outdoors under the night sky. The dinner menu has an impressive assortment of game meat and is reasonably priced with the appetizers starting at $8 and the highest main meal being $25 for Dukkah Crusted Ostrich Fillet. There is a Vegetarian Menu section too.

Shop – there is a small gift shop.

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Victoria Falls Waterfall - In the Victoria Falls National Park
Victoria Falls Accommodation – Read About The Seasons Here

N1 Hotel and Campsite

A well-placed Hotel – it’s near everything.

Close to the Victoria Falls, curio markets, Elephant Walk Shopping Center and other restaurants.

It is conveniently open for check-in 24/7.

Neat, clean, has air conditioning and is a practical place to stay.

Victoria Falls Accommodation – Budget Hotel

Reviews are helpful and mostly comment on the practical location and the budget-friendly option of this N1 hotel.

Cake at Vic Falls

Things To Do At The N1 Hotel And Campsite

Camp – self-catering (makes this budget-friendly)

Stay in a Dorm – self-catering.

Swim – We love their pool! It is a bit different to the others around as it is just one depth throughout. This makes it very family-friendly. It’s a decent size and would be perfect if you wanted to get in some real swimming laps. There is a relaxing area out of the sun and you can order drinks. The changing areas have showers and are of a high standard.

Dine – There is a menu on offer. It’s very basic. Being well situated, other eating options are close by.

Shopping – There is a small shop that is stocked with basic supplies and a few luxuries for the guests only.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, there are shops and markets roundabout, so slowly wander around.

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The Shearwater’s Explorers Village

Closest accommodation near or within walking distance Victoria falls
Victoria Falls Accommodation – Shearwater’s Explorer Village

This is also a budget place. Newly opened and already popular. Accommodation is in the form of tents or chalets. Over-landers like to use this place as a base. Each camping area is equipped with an open kitchen – perfect for self-catering.

Victoria Falls Accommodation – Shearwater Explorers Village

Reviews rave about the great price, the efficient staff and the excellent locality of this accommodation at the Shearwater Village.

Cake at Vic Falls

Things To Do At The Shearwater’s Explorers Village

Pitch a tent – If you have your own tent.

Hire a tent, bed and bedding.

Sleep in a Chalet

Swim and relax – great pool next to the bar and the lounge area is spacious and cool.

Use the Free WiFi – Great right?

Eat – there is a Full Bar/Restaurant area (and is close to other restaurants)

Shop – there is a small gift shop at the main reception. Curio markets and Elephant Walk Shopping Center are just out the main entrance.

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Conclusion On Victoria Falls Accommodation

So as you can see, there is something here for everyone!  These are the closest Victoria Falls accommodation available near or within walking distance of the Falls. Being so near is practical and gives you the freedom to walk around and see things at your own pace. Start making your plans now to explore Victoria Falls.

Remember it’s possible to pre-book your Victoria Falls accommodation without paying.  We recommend this as these closer places to the Falls fill up quickly!

Cake at Vic Falls

8 thoughts on “Victoria Falls Accommodation Unsure Which 5 Are The Closest?”

  1. Victorian Falls looks absolutely breathtaking, and I have it on my bucket list. You have given lots of hotel choices. I think when I do visit, I am going to want to stay close and have all the luxuries at hand. For this reason, I think that I am going to want to stay at the Victoria Falls hotel. Thanks for the great information!

    • That’s a great choice Matt’s Mom,  I love the whole feel of the Victoria Falls Hotel!  You should do the walk to the Falls from there – it’s got great views of the gorge and is lots of fun.  Did you check out some of the other activities you can do in the Victoria Falls?  All the best in planning your trip!  Shout if you need help.

  2. WOW, I never considered Victoria Falls as a place I would like to visit until I saw this. It looks so beautiful and truly a place to explore the outdoors, which is the kind of person I am! Especially the Camping! And that is so neat that you have options for renting a tent, or even staying in a Chalet! ( First time learning about that here too! ) I personally am the kind of traveler who likes to do BOTH group tours ( so to make sure I covered all the important places ) as well as some individual sightseeing! My favorite hotel you described – has to be the first one just because of its history! Seems like a very classy place.

    • Hi Sophia,

      That’s lovely that you shared what kind of traveller you are with us. Yes, outdoor exploring is such fun – and here in Vic Falls, it’s geared more toward the adventurous! The nice thing about the camping and chalets is that it is just a base and it doesn’t break the bank! Then do all the other activities and eat out, with the money you saved. On the other hand, if you could spoil yourself – a hotel with all the comforts and holiday vibe makes for a great relax and treat! I also love the Victoria Falls Hotel, it has a lovely colonel vibe and you feel quite posh being part of the scene. I do hope you consider visiting Vic Falls – you will just love it!

  3. Love the look of this site, very classy. Full of great information and great addition with the useful search bar at the top of the home page. It has given me some food for thought also, I need a vacation! Some of these places look lovely.
    Keep the deals coming and I will be sure to take one of them up sooner or later.
    Great stuff.

    • Hi there Adam

      So glad you like the website and found it easy to navigate around!  Yes, I thought the search bar at the top would be more helpful to anyone wanting to check prices for either accommodation or a hotel booking.  Hope you start planning your vacation soon and that you visit Victoria Falls and other places in Zimbabwe.  Right now we are in our rainy season.  It doesn’t necessarily rain daily, nor does each shower last for very long. But the effect on the National Park is beautiful.  Keep checking back for more tips and suggestions for your visit.

  4. You have given information on some really great sounding hotels close to Victoria Falls. You had me with the Victoria Falls Hotel, and then I get to the next hotel and it is equally nice! How do I decide which hotel to stay at? LOL, I have been planning a trip to Victoria Falls, along with a safari which I have been wanting to do forever actually. The falls are amazing for sure! If I want a great hotel that is on a budget, which one would you recommend? I do want to have a nice pool to swim in, along with poolside drinks. Any recommendations?

    • Hi there Matt’s Mom

      How exciting that you are planning a trip to Victoria Falls! Just remember it’s the dry season now so the water flow is low. However, we have had a few showers of rain already and no doubt the Zambezi River will soon start filling up again.

      As to where to stay on a budget.  I’d recommend either N1 Hotel or Shearwater Explorer’s Village.  Both have great swimming pools – and drinks!

      Perhaps you just need to decide how adventurous if you are. Are you happy to sleep in a tent, dorm, chalet or a basic room? You will likely be on the go most of the day – so it would really just be a base.

      I think the Shearwater Explorer’s Village feels more holiday-ish.

      Hope you have a lovely trip.

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