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A Contribution from Lynne Arnold

Lynne Arnold

Lynne Arnold

Painting and Photography ArtistBorn in Zimbabwe to fun-loving parents.  My childhood was
a carefree happy induction into the warm culture and beautiful African bush.

Bit Of Background

I started drawing at an early age. On our annual caravanning trips, a sketch pad was always close by to childishly sketch the contrasting African landscapes, lively village scenes and everything that captured my imagination.
Abantu Village Scenes by Lynne Arnold

From baobabs to Buffalo. One of my first loves as a child was capturing rural village scenes and local rural people. This fondness remains with me until this day.

Art was an integral part of growing up. Experimenting with different styles of drawing and painting was great fun and I received my first paid art commission at the age of 14. It was a ‘poster art’ acrylic painting commissioned by a fellow student.

I tried my first large landscape oil painting at the age of 15. It was a European snow scene. And at the age of 16, I had the privilege of being ‘commissioned’ by the school I attended to sketch scenes of its historic buildings which were published in its Centenary Celebration Journal.

Having had an inspiring art teacher, at age 16, I was inspired to be brave enough …or mad enough to take on painting a life-size painting study of Michelangelo’s ‘David’…


Abantu photos by Lynne Arnold

Having had many influences in childhood and adulthood, of enthusiastic and creative photographers, it was inevitable that their enthusiasm and passion broadened my love of art to photography.


My inspiration can come from just about anything…. beautiful light, texture, colour, a moment between a mother and child…

Although I have done collections based on overseas travels, I have a deep love of Africa. And it will continue to be my passion to capture the beauty, the diversity, the warmth, the humour, the culture and the uniqueness of this beautiful continent.

The Victoria Falls Collection

“The aspects that impacted on me as an artist were the strong contrasts. The dark faces of the gorges. The plummeting whitewater. The black shadows. The blinding gleam of the spray. The bleached sky and silhouetted bush skyline.”
Victoria Falls Collection by Lynne Arnold
Victoria Falls Collection
by Lynne Arnold

One collection that is close to my heart is The Victoria Falls Collection. Mosi-oa-Tunya (the smoke that thunders) vividly describes this magnificent wonder.

I found it to be a humbling and awe-inspiring experience to be in its thunderous presence. And to experience its mood through the seasons.

The aspects that impacted on me as an artist were the strong contrasts. The dark faces of the gorges. The plummeting whitewater. The black shadows. The blinding gleam of the spray. The bleached sky and silhouetted bush skyline.

This experience evoked a series of classic monochrome paintings, highlighting these dramatic qualities. An additional influence on the collection is that throughout history, much has been written about this phenomenon by explorers, artists, missionaries and alike. The paintings are in a manner that reflects these early historical images of Victoria Falls.

The artwork in fine art prints and originals are available both locally and internationally.

Victoria Falls Special Art Collection Lynne Arnold
wildlife collage - by Lynne Arnold

Lynne Arnold

Painter and Photography ArtistContact Lynne For More Information To Purchase Her Work.



  1. Hi Tracy,

    This is an exceptionally interesting post. Artist Lynne Arnold sounds like a unique individual.

    My family and I have traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and we always purchase a painting done by local artists.

    It would be lovely to have one of her paintings of Victoria Falls. Just this morning I was writing out my goals or the future. I am going to add a visit to Victoria Falls.

    Does Lynne exhibit her work in Canada? Which cities? The wildlife collage is spectacular. Does she paint other sights from other parts of Africa?

    1. Hi Devan

      Thanks for the compliments, Lynne is a lovely person!  

      You must have great memories of your travels to the Caribbean, and I am delighted to hear you have added the Victoria Falls to your future plans. 

      No, Lynne doesn’t exhibit her work in Canada.  However, her details are above and you are welcome to contact her, I am sure she would be game for any other African scene you would want painted!  I like her style too.

      Well, when you are ready to get planning your trip, be sure to check back for more tips and suggestions.

      Hope you get a painting from Lynne. 🙂

  2. Wow! I am amazed! I was truly shocked when I realised that these pictures in the Victoria Falls Collection are painted. I honestly thought they were photographs because the detail in them is absolutely amazing. What an absolutely beautiful way for Lynne Arnold to pay homage to her native country.

    1. Hi Megan

      Glad you stopped by!  Yes, Lynne’s work is amazing. The collection is certainly something that an art lover would want to add to their walls! Email her for more information or drop me a note and I will help out where I can. 

  3. Hi Tracy, wow Lynne’s art is awesome – she has a great talent there and an interesting background, making it more understandable where she got her ideas from.
    My mum also likes painting, mainly with acryl colors. I will show her your page – maybe she will find some inspiration 🙂
    Keep up the great work, I will be happy to see more.

    1. Hey Mia,

      I’m sure she will be delighted with the compliment. It is interesting how our backgrounds can shape our art.  I hope your mom finds inspiration from Lynne’s work.  Glad you stopped by.

  4. These artworks remind of Edna Manley’s art. I don’t know if you’re familiar with her, she was an Englishwoman living in Jamaica who, like Lynne, was inspired by the country, people, and landscape. 
    The colours are very vivid and expressive. I can tell she’s a true artist because even in the photography the composition is great.
    I used to draw a lot as a child, unfortunately, I gave it up. Maybe I’ll return again, but reading this story and looking at the art reminded me a lot of my own love I used to have with creating artwork and drawings.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Ade

      Yes, I can see why you say that!  The Jamaican feel does come thorough in the people paintings.  I’m sure she will be flattered to be compared to Edna Manley!  Please be sure to contact Lynne about her art. And by pinning from this page more folk will see her art.

      You should start your art again, creating a expressing yourself through art is very relaxing and calming.  What do you like to draw?

  5. This was a most interesting page to read. I thought the images of the falls were stunning. The idea of marrying your cake making and others artwork is a really unique idea and certainly shows your passions. I feel you have a great opportunity here and think tourist will love this idea! Will check out Lynne’s work.  Wonderful page. Katherine

    1. Hi Katherine,

      It is a stunning collection!  I do think tourists will love this unique product.  It will make for a fun story to share, after the holiday. Glad you like Lynne’s work!  Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Super interesting post and super unique website. What an incredible way to merge your skills and talents. I like the collection that you have on display here. It inspires a reflective mood in me and, like you mention, a humble posture next to such large and overwhelmingly beautiful falls. Thank you for this post.

    1. Hi Randene,

      So glad you enjoyed the post. I agree the collection does make one feel reflective.  Be sure to contact Lynne by email for more information on her work. Or you could liaise through me! 

  7. It was a tread viewing your web site, Tracy. I have to agree that Victoria Falls is inspirational! It’s a wonderful setting for the information you provided.

    Your cakes appear divine and, if I lived in the area, I would, most definitely, partake in one or two or three!

    You have a good start here, Tracy. I would be most interested in seeing how it grows and matures.

    All the best to you!

    Mitch Crim

    1. Thanks Mitch!  Appreciate you stopping by.

  8. Omg her paintings actually look like photographed pictures, indeed Lynne Arnold was a really fine artist. The Victoria falls is so beautifully portrayed in the paintings and I really liked it.
    I never knew there could be such fine strokes in the waterfalls, really mesmerizing.
    This was a really informative post, thanks for the great read and keep posting.

    1. Hi Shrey

      I love Lynne Arnold’s work too!  She does a variety of styles as you can see, The Victoria Falls Collection is beautiful (with other pictures in the collection).  Glad you enjoyed the post!  Stop by again.

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