Travel Bras That Every Travelling Bride Needs

Travel Brides how is this for a good idea – Travel Bras for Women 🙂 Women putting things into bras is actually quite common in Zimbabwe! Often while standing in a shopping line, I have seen the lady in front produce her money from her bra.

This is obviously a well-proven concept to carry stuff in your bra.

And, I admit, I too carry stuff in my bra on occasion… not money – a folded tissue! You just never know when you will need one. 🙂 It seems that others have needed to keep things safe and when choosing a place, the bra won the day!  Nothing moves you to invent something more than when you have a genuine need yourself.

The Travel Bra was designed by travellers!  On their front page, they say –

Travel Bras for women
Travel Bras For Women

“We invented The Travel Bra. We had to.

We needed one and we couldn’t buy it.”

The Travel Bra Company

It’s ingenious, check at all those travel bra pockets!

Travel Bras – Stash Your Valuables in Them or Use a Fanny Pack?

In Victoria Falls we see lots of tourists.  Many wear fanny packs.  But let’s face it – we aren’t all into them…

Travel Bras Have Some Amazing Claims On Their Products

  • super-soft fabric and bindings
  • no scratchy labels
  • flat-lock seams
  • no wire
  • no wide straps
  • fabrics that are wickable (fun word!)
  • breathable
  • machine-washable
  • and so so comfortable to wear
  • small to XXXL (in some design styles)

There are so many reasons why women would need a travel bra – my favourite one?

“♥︎  Worried about loss or theft and don’t want to put your passport or cards in your handbag or backpack?  You know where they can go – in the drop-down pocket of your Travel Bra, the side mesh pocket or the hidden jewellery pocket of your Travel Bra.”

How interesting that it can even hold a passport!  Well, that’s one way of keeping your things close to heart.

Disclaimer:  Please note, I am not implying that this is an issue in the Victoria Falls in general.  Rather highlighting the practicals of such an article of clothing. 🙂

Destination Brides Take Note

Lost Jewellery story…

A few weeks back I heard a sad story. A guy arranged to propose to his girlfriend on a boat cruise on the Zambezi River.  Everything went perfectly! Until they got home… They had lost the engagement ring! My first thought was, why wasn’t it on the girlfriend’s finger? But, who knows – maybe she was frightened she would lose it. I did feel quite lousy for them both! 🙁

Now… a travel bra would have been quite handy just there.  With that little pocket down the front. Brides – if you are travelling to a destination.  Make sure you keep the rings close to your heart!

Travel Bras For Women

Any Cons To Note About The Women’s Travel Bra?

  • Not recommended by one review for women who need support
  • Only two colours beige nude and black
  • No cross over straps – so your bra will show on singlet-style tops

Otherwise, lots of great feedback from many who have bought travel bras from the Travel Bra website.

So whether you add things to your current bra (you could add little pockets) or get a travel bra for women that is specially designed – we all know it’s a great place to keep important things close at hand.  Giving peace of mind and freedom to relax.

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