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Wedding Listings Added To Directory

All listings added to the Cake at Vic Falls Directory are free.  Please ensure that you add the correct information and ensure that the listing is yours to add.  Only wedding-related listings are accepted.  Please read the Privacy Policy to check how we use your data on this website.

Wedding Cakes

When ordering a wedding cake consider booking 3 months in advance. A deposit of half the cake costs are due immediately, followed by the remainder, two weeks before the wedding day. After the first successful prepayment, we get to work preparing all that’s involved in making your cake. In no case is the deposit refundable.

A cancellation of your cake order more than 1 month before your wedding, will attract a bill of the work done to date in addition to the deposit. If you cancel less than one month before your wedding, the full amount is owed.


Once a quotation and design details have been finalised through email, the first deposit is due.  You can pay locally or through PayPal.  As soon as the deposit is received your wedding cake booking is secured. The final payment can be paid at any time, as long as it is completed two weeks in advance of your wedding date.

Delivery or Pick Up

We offer free delivery to any venue in the immediate area of the Victoria Falls Town. Extra mileage will be included in your quotation. We recommend that you assign someone you know well to be at the venue to ensure the hand over goes smoothly. Should you prefer to pick up and set up the cake yourself, this is possible. Use a car with an air conditioner or have sufficient coolers to keep the cakes cool. We are not responsible for cakes collected as we will be unable to control the environment that they will be subjected too. No refunds will be possible in this case, should the cakes spoil.

Keeping The Cakes Cool

Victoria Falls is a very hot place. Please note that all cakes covered in ganache need extra care and will require chilling until needed for display. A cool area is essential. The cake should be consumed within a 48hr period and leftovers should be refrigerated. Fruit cakes covered with fondant should be kept in a cool area and do not necessarily need to be refrigerated.


Should the cakes once delivered or collected, suffer any damage, deterioration, or are affected by accidents, including liability against third parties, this cost will be transferred to you. We assume no liability for late delivery, should the address or directions, given be incorrect, the recipient is not there or that there is a change in venue. In the case of unexpected events (in particular traffic accidents, bad weather, power failure and similar), the delivery time of the cakes is extended by the duration of the hindrance.

Allergy Notes

Our products can contain gluten, milk products, eggs, nuts as well as soy products. We reject any liability related to allergic reactions.  If requested, some allergy-free options can be made available.

Data Protection

Your personal data, such as name, address, email, telephone number, will be used exclusively for processing your order and for communicating with you about your order, and will not be passed on to third parties. If you have chosen to join our newsletter, please know that you can unsubscribe at any time.


The contract is governed exclusively by Zimbabwe law. The court of jurisdiction is Victoria Falls.