Take your best travel experience – and turn it into a first rate story

take your best travel experience and turn it into a first rate story

Make it yours – with Caseable

Have you had that “Best Travel Experience”?  You know the one you just can’t wait to tell, with class, a bit of wit, but mostly with style!  Isn’t it a bummer that the subject is not always that easy to broach? Well here’s a helping hand – Caseable – it has just the trick you need to get that epic first rate story told!

When I was looking for gifts that you could personalise, I stumbled upon Caseable. They offer case products for your devices. And the great part? You can customise the cover!!!

Today, I have for you a tutorial info-graphic on personalising your own device cover. Nice and convenient to pin for future reference.

Best travel experience - Make it yours with caseableBut before you get to the info-graphic what do you need to know about these products?

Over at TRUSTED SHOPS – reviews of Caseable were excellent – I have summarised them here…

  • Caseable – Make protection covers for all devices

Okay so this is a given, protecting your device is smart!

I know some folk HATE cases or covers – but there are way too many sad stories of dropped phones that just catch that random object – (Murphy’s law!) and now they are gutted!  Don’t let this happen to you.  Whether you get a Caseable on or not – get a case!

  • Customised – Add your own picture/s or use their suggested Art

Take your best travel experience and turn it into a first rate story - caseable reviewThis is the awesomeness of this product!

Who doesn’t like unique…

  • You can choose a design from their lists

Top Categories

Top Artists

Create your own (upload that awesome photo!)

There is something here for everybody.

  • Overall Rating – 4.33/5

Take your best travel experience and turn it into a first rate story - caseable review

  • Payment check out – Secure.  Includes VISA, Mastercard and PayPal.
  • Use reliable postal services – DHL and dpd
  • Delivery – Can take a bit longer than they say – So just know it could take a few more days than anticipated for delivery.
  • Quality – Overall customers are very happy 🙂 – No one complained about the quality – only the delayed delivery.

Ready to give it a go?

Info-graphic – Tutorial on Caseable (Making it uniquely yours…)

Here is the tutorial – as you can see, there are only a few steps to having the perfect conversation starter!!!

best travel experience - first rate story caseable review tutorialEasy peasy?

When you have a great story to tell – a classic (one that will get you into that group, get you a smile or a laugh or two) – you need to have a reason to tell it, right?

  • Put the picture of the something that relates to your story on to your device case with Caseable.
  • Leave your phone on the table (picture side up!) – and before long someone will notice!!!
  • If not – (you could just stare at it fondly) and get started with the story when there is a long enough pause…

Want to know the story behind the photo featured in this post?

That Best Travel Experience Story… (okay maybe not exactly, but it’s a great example)

In 2007 (yes, it’s a way-back story) my husband and I joined a few friends on a road-trip to visit the Victoria Falls.  It was a fantastic vacation – one that really sticks out in my mind!  10 hours in the back of a covered pickup!   It was fun though and we were young and adventurous.

After arriving in the town, freshening up and having afternoon tea and cake at the Victoria Falls Hotel –  we got to do the usual window shopping and looking around.  We passed a shoe shop that is no longer there, (sadly) and they had some Courtney Leather Boots, durable and had our names written all over them.  We got our boots and decided to wear-them-in on our tour of the Falls.  It was September time – the water flow wasn’t bad, heading into the dry season so about mid-flow.

(Good footwear is essential by the way… the footpath is damp to soaking wet – you could easily slip).

At the Devil’s Cataract we were taking photos – and suddenly thought to document our new purchase!  It was a real balancing act!  After a lot of laughter and serious coordination (I hung on to my friend due to a number of failed attempts to get my balance!  Oh, and don’t worry we were quite safe! 🙂 ), after about the 5th take – a picture was taken!  Awesome photo – great memories…

Okay, so it’s not really a first rate story or that funny – but what is?  That 10 years later I find myself living in Victoria Falls (5 years now) and posting this best travel experience picture on a website about Victoria Falls. Now I could really tell you some stories about that… but next time!  🙂

I’m sure you must have a few stories you are bursting to tell – Go have a bit of creative fun at Caseable!

Got any questions or want to come back and tell us your story? Would love to hear it in the comments below. 🙂


  1. This is just what I had in mind for a gift to my dad for his birthday next month. His previous mobile phone cover is getting old and torn so I was thinking wouldn’t it be great to get him a new one. Now this is even better as it can be personalized! I know what you mean about some folks hating cases of covers for their phone, and I definitely agree with you on cases of mobile phone dropping. I’ve seen it happened a few times to other people. Now let me look for a nice picture to put for the cover before I sign up. Thanks so much!

    1. Hey, hi there

      I am so glad you found the tutorial useful.  I do hope that you find an awesome picture for your Dads phone – making it personal will make it that much more meaningful to him! Have fun designing it for him!

  2. I have a Caseable and absolutely love it!

    It was very inexpensive but I think the quality of the unit was fantastic. One of the great things I love about the case is that it has encouraged my friends and family to be more creative with our relationships and how to showcase them.

    1. Hi Deloris,

      That’s awesome!  I’m so glad you stopped by to let us know this.  Showcasing our loved ones on the cover of caseable is certainly a creative way to show you love them! 🙂  Knowing someone cared that much – would mean the world to them!  

      All the best 


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