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A few things I use to make Cake at Vic Falls tick…

Site Review Wealthy Affiliate Info

Site Review Wealthy Affiliate Info

We have used this platform for over four years and have no complaints. If you are looking for a free website with free hosting then your best bet is this one. Some features we love at WA are:

  • Site Speed there are two-speed options:
  • Accelerated 20x faster than normal loading and
  • Extreme which does the same but in addition it combines and minifies JavaScript and CSS and thus achieves the highest Google Page Speed Scores.
  • SiteSSL (HTTPS) for free! Search engines favour sites with this, as it keeps the visitor data safe.
  • A Spam Blocker that prevents the spam before it gets to your website with the Site Protect.
  • You can monitor your website health within the Site Health section.
  • You get access to valuable Site Feedback which is invaluable.
  • The Site Support is excellent and the response to any problem is almost immediate. I love these guys!!!
  • A Premium Yearly Subscription allows you to host up to 25 websites!
  • Ideal if you want to get into Domain Flipping – it’s taught there.

Email Hosting, Affiliate Programs you can join straight off and not worry about being accepted or not, you can blog, make pieces of training that you earn from, access Jaaxy research tool, you automatically get added to the referral program – there’s a lot on this platform and it just gets better each year!

Did I mention the free first 10 lessons are free?

When you are needing to go online – you don’t want to be fussing with all the tech – let them handle it all while you get on with your website.

A Fantastic All-in-one Website Building Solution!

In case I missed any Wealthy Affiliate Info…

We Use Jaaxy We Think It’s The Best S.E.O Keyword Research Tool

With Jaaxy, keyword research is just plain easy and simple!  You just type in your keyword – and the rest is literally done for you.

  • Easy to use
    nothing complicated here.
  • Saves your keyword lists
    find those gems and save them for future posts.
  • Let’s you search in different ways
    there is the keyword itself, phrases and the alphabetical soup method.
  • No more guessing
    the good words go green.
  • Understand low competition words
    everyone is targeting the high volume traffic keywords, you need to catch the low volume ones – they add up quickly and are usually better.
  • See where you are ranking –
    Every day if you like!
  • Learn how your competition is ranking
    keep an eye on everyone else too!
  • Discover Niche Ideas
    perfect for when you are just getting started
  • It makes keyword research
  • You Automatically Get Access To It When You Join Wealthy Affiliate

Don’t just take my word for it –  Prove it to yourself! 

Get 30 free searches and improve your own S.E.O strategy.

Tailwind For Pinterest

Save Yourself Time – Keep The Consistency

We all need more time…  if this is something you are struggling with, then you need to consider using a scheduler.

Why Tailwind?

Pinterest is fussy!  We hate that – but we love the traffic it sends to our websites. Are you battling to keep the consistency on Pinterest?  One day you have over 1000 impressions and the next less than 10?  Do you forget to pin a few days at a time? Life gets hectic!  Do you over pin your own content and get a dozen folk unfollow you?  It’s a pain…

Although I didn’t find Tailwind to have much of a community vibe (which initially disappointed me – although you can message tribe members), Tailwind does the job and it does it well.  

I soon got to understand that… There is not much of a community vibe in Tailwind, because it’s a scheduler, not a place to hang out!  Everyone is saving themselves the trouble of being social – By Scheduling. 

Getting your head around Pinterest is no walk in the park.  Things change often.  If you are doing the right things – EVERY TIME, then these changes will affect you less.

How It Works

Tailwind is like a Pinterest and Instagram Candy Store.  What can you do here?

  • Schedule your pins way in advance and save time – consistency is key
  • SmartLoop – is a new feature and it loops your core pins over and over – wise move
  • Join boards – makes it so simple!
  • Pin from Instagram automatically
  • Insights – this alone makes this worth it!!!
  • Profile Performance – it takes your Pinterest info and converts it into visual graphs.
  • Pin Inspector – by optimising your pins, you get more views, more views = more traffic, more traffic = more sales
  • Website Insights – know how your audience is interacting with your pins.  Are they pinning them from your website?  How many pin impressions are you audience seeing in their feed?  What day or time is the best pinning slot for your audience?  This is gold.  Why bother pinning, if your audience is not online?
  • Organic Activity – I like this feature as it gives you a word cloud that shows what keywords your website are attracting.
  • Referral Trafficand so much more.
  • Just a note here – there are premium extras that help you know what your competition is up to and other helpful options.  These will not be included in your free trial… (but, you would have got a real feel for the whole setup – and you will soon know if it’s for you).

Did I mention the fantastic emails and tips that you receive in your email box? Learn How Video Is Making A Difference On Pinterest. Check it out for yourself!

Using This Toolbar Is A No-brainer

  • You set it and it works for you
  • You can’t lose, only gain!
  • It honestly has saved me a lot of money
  • Coupert is so simple – you just download it

When you are about to buy something, it lets you know if there is a genuine coupon for that product! Love it!

It’s not just for bloggers, it’s for anyone who shops online… that includes all you brides out there looking for great deals and coupons.  Be smart, save yourself money, by getting the Coupert Toolbar.  It will alert you to any discounts for the product you are viewing.  Sometimes there can be as many as 10!!!

Best Affiliate Platform

If you blog, you will soon learn which affiliate program works for you. This is mine! ShareASale an Affiliate Commission Website. I love…

  • the website design
  • the easy linking codes
  • the dashboard
  • the wide choice range of affiliate programs available
  • the helpfulness of the affiliate companies themselves – through email, I have been able to connect with the company.  It’s made all the difference!
  • they pay promptly on the due date
  • you can check bad links
  • it’s easy to get started with them

If you are new to affiliate marketing, then I would recommend ShareASale any day!

Best Online Course Platform

Are you looking for a platform to host your course?  I fell in love with Podia’s…

  • simple approach
  • none fussy website
  • free email service – no limit on subscribers… it’s simply a free perk of your subscription
  • affiliate program for Podia
  • affiliate program for your own course – get folk on board to sell your product for you!
  • quick response – they are on the ball
  • fantastic blog posts that help you to grow your audience and get your product perfected
  • the simplicity of their approach does not mean it’s not complex…  it literally covers everything you need to run an online course
  • you get a free website in the deal
  • you can host as many downloads and courses that you wish
  • you can diversify to other products that don’t match your storefront, by having a separate link that sends folk to them directly
  • they are updating and adding new features all the time – every few weeks something new is included
  • I could go on…

Check it out for yourself they offer a free trial!

(I was hooked from the start!)


Try Podia for free