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My Favourite Wedding Ring To Date

Sharing a ring I found, that would fit the bill perfectly if I was to choose my ring again!


Sharing a ring I found, that would fit the bill perfectly if I was to choose my ring again!


Okay, so I have been married for 22 years… (we are still friends, I think that’s the key), so why would I be looking at wedding rings and have a favourite ring to date?

Good question!

Personally I am not much of a jewelry person.

I had one requirement when the ring purchase came up – it had to be flat – no poking out bits that catch on everything and get dirty.

I also have to admit, that I am a very much a hands on type person.  I make wedding cakes, do my own housework… well most of it, the boys help too.

Fiddling with rings, taking them on and off for different occasions was just not the ideal fit for me.

We chose a one stone embedded ring in a plain gold band for the engagement ring and a plain gold band for the wedding ring.

They have been on my finger all this time with only one or two take offs in those early days when it was still new…

During one of these occasions, they got lost!!!

I took them off to put on hand cream… why?  Who knows!

We were at a clients office, I had got out the car, got back in the car and had driven 40 km to do some shopping.  It was in the middle of the shop that I suddenly stopped…

My heart faulted and I went faint, my rings were gone!!!

I was in tears, my husband frantically phoned his client.  And we still had to finish buying the groceries as we were hosting some guests that day.  There was no way we could go and look now…

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A few hours later we got a phone call, they had found my rings!!!

We were so ecstatic and relieved!

However, the gardener had mowed the lawn and the rings had been damaged slightly.

Well, who cared?  At this point I was just happy to have them back!!!

I never did get them fixed, the slight nicks and bends were part of a memory now.

Over the years, I have been so grateful for the ‘flat’ wedding ring.

If I was to choose again, I would still have a ‘flat’ wedding ring.

If I was to change anything, it would be to have a design inset all the way around.  Rings move around and twist on your finger.  I often have to straighten it to the front.  It’s not a huge issue, just one I feel would make it easier to wear.

I also have often wished that I had been a little more adventurous with the colour.  Gold is nice, but it’s also a bit plain.  Perhaps if it had been a coloured stone, or for a red gold, or a pink gold – something a bit more unique.

As I often look around on Pinterest for wedding related pins, I found the perfect wedding ring to write home about!

Obviously, I am not going to trade in my weathered rings, with years and memories attached to them.

But if you are a bit like me.  Hands on.  Not too much into jewelry.  Don’t like fiddling with rings.  Just want it to be beautiful, but also practical…  Then you should have a look at my favourite wedding ring to date!


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