Posing Guide For Couples That Will Make All The Difference

Getting The Most Out Of Your Photo Shoot

Your wedding photos are going to be around for a long time.  Make them memorable, professional and elegant.  Tips every couple needs to get the perfect wedding photos.

Around 97% of poses come from 5 different positions of the feet and this was how our Foundation Posing Framework was created.

V-Up: The subjects’ shoulders are hinged on the back and their bodies form the shape of a V; facing toward each other. You can simply cue your couple by telling them to pretend that the area where their shoulders are touching is like the hinge on a door.

Open: Now that you’ve set up the V-Up as a “door”, simply tell your subjects to open the door and face their bodies to the camera.

Closed: Once you’ve opened the door, now it’s time to close it. Close up their bodies and press them against each other to create an intimate pose.

Stacked: One person is standing in front of the other; he is behind her, while her feet are stacked against his. This is also publicly recognized as a prom or maternity pose.

Reverse: One person is facing one direction away from the camera, while the other person is facing into the cameraBy learning these 5 poses from the ground up, you’ll be able to place your couple in any pose and will likely be your most used engagement photo session tip. The framework also allows you to get in and out of poses quickly.

Source: Official Couples Posing Guide – Tips, Cues, & More!

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