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A Few Quick Links To Tours and Activities That Will Make Planning A Trip To The Victoria Falls Painless...

Planning a trip anywhere has many stages.  If you are wanting to know how to get to Victoria Falls then read this article.


The holiday starts when the planning begins!


When you travel so far, you need to make the expense worth it.  Often we see that folk just start to relax and get into the whole safari thing – and then it’s time to go.  

Two or three days is not enough if you are going to see and do all you plan to.

All-In-One Can Be Easier

Plan a trip to the Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Some times having an all in one trip or packaged tour, takes the stress out of fiddling around with the tickets, activities and accommodation options.

Check out these 9/10 and longer day trips that are excellent value for your money.

9 day tours to Victoria Falls

An Awesome Website/Tool to Keep Track of All the Things You Would Like to do in Victoira Falls


There are A LOT of things to do.

You have probably got a few places or activities earmarked for your trip to Victoria Falls already.  Hit the green buttons to take you to see more!

Where are you going to start from?

Here are some suggested places that you can explore –

  • Start out where it’s cheapest to fly to and then work your way down to the Victoria Falls. 
  • Use the flight widget to check out the perfect place to start from.
  • Once you have chosen a destination, click through to the activities offered there.
  • Press the ♥ button to save your favourites – this will help you to easily find them later as you refine your itinerary.
How to get to Vic Falls - what you need to know
Plan a safari in the Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Did you read the other articles on Victoria Falls? 

Do you have any questions you would like to know about planning a trip to Victoria Falls?  Leave them in the comments below.   Have you been on a 9 day Safari?  Let us know how it went.


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