Ready Planned Tours To Victoria Falls – Packages

A Few Quick Links To Tours and Activities That Will Make Planning A Trip To The Victoria Falls Painless…

Planning a trip anywhere has many stages.  Tours to Victoria Falls have been planned out – some even include the airfare. The perfect solution for the lazy traveller, who just wants it all done already! And then all that’s left is to count down the days, to throw things into a suitcase and go…

The holiday starts when the planning begins!

If you are wanting to know how to get to Victoria Falls then read this article.

When you travel so far, you need to make the expense worth it.  Often we see that folk just start to relax and get into the whole safari thing – and then it’s time to go.  

Two or three days is not enough if you are going to see and do all you plan to.

All-In-One Tours to Victoria Falls can be Easier

Plan a trip to the Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Some times having an all in one trip or packaged tour, takes the stress out of fiddling around with the tickets, activities and accommodation options.

Check out these 9/10 and longer day trips that are excellent value for your money.

9 day tours to Victoria Falls

20-Day Africa on a Shoestring Tour – Ends In Victoria Falls

21-Day East African Odyssey Tour – Starts In Victoria Falls

An Awesome Website/Tool to Keep Track of All the Activities You Would Like to do in Victoria Falls

There are A LOT of things to do.

You have probably got a few places or activities earmarked for your trip to Victoria Falls already.  Hit the green buttons to take you to see more!

Where are you going to start from?

Here are some suggested places that you can explore –

  • Start out where it’s cheapest to fly to and then work your way down to the Victoria Falls. 
  • Use the flight widget to check out the perfect place to start from.
  • Once you have chosen a destination, click through to the activities offered there.
  • Press the ♥ button to save your favourites – this will help you to easily find them later as you refine your itinerary.
How to get to Vic Falls - what you need to know
Plan a safari in the Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Livingstone – Zambia


South Africa


Did you read the other articles on Victoria Falls?

Do you have any questions you would like to know about planning tours to Victoria Falls?  Leave them in the comments below.   Have you been on a 9 day Safari?  Let us know how it went.

6 thoughts on “Ready Planned Tours To Victoria Falls – Packages”

  1. I love travelling and planning to do some overseas travel. Thanks for pointing out the links and guides for me. I could use all the links above to do in-depth research about travelling to Victoria Falls. Just want to know, is it good to do some backpacking with a minimal budget just to visit Victoria Falls?

    • Hi Amer,

      Sure, you could do backpacking in Victoria Falls.  There are two places that can accommodate you for this.  In this roundup you will see that you can even stay in a tent for under $20.

      We have noticed that backpackers also like to do the 9 day safaris.  You will see that you actually get to see a lot of places on these organised tours!  One thing that can get stressful when you are on a budget, is how to get to the next place, transfers alone can add up to the hundreds.  But with a proper tour van and support from the guides etc, you will see how this could work out to your advantage.  Sometimes, once you commit to organised travel like this, you can cut back on other things – before your trip or during it.

  2. I have always wanted to visit  Victoria Falls so I was doing some research and stumbled on your page. Thanks for providing me with all the necessary information and links to some great offerings.

    I’ve gathered some excellent suggestions, which I’m gonna talk over with my wife this evening!

    One question: What is the best time of the year to visit Victoria Falls? Thanks again!

  3. Hey – that little giraffe looks so cute next to his/her mum!

    Some of the orange links aren’t working for me at the moment- is that because I am in the UK?

    It certainly would be a lovely place to visit and I will recommend this site to anyone I know who wants to go.

    I also love the look of your cakes!  How do you get that picture of the falls on them?

    All the best!!

    • Hi Julia

      Thanks for letting me know about the links – the operator is offline as they do site changes – sorry about that.  I could email you when the links work if you like?

      Yes, isn’t the giraffe so cute!!!

      Thanks for the compliment on my cakes. The artwork is printed onto edible paper and then added to the cake.  It’s a nice way to incorporate the local art of Victoria Falls onto cake.

      I will let you know about the links see!

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