Get The Wedding Dress Then Get The Cake

Do you know what look you are going for with your dress? Picking the wedding dress style that is right for you can be a process. Why do you have to know what the wedding dress will look like before you settle on a wedding cake design? A fun trend has been to include dress details to the cake.

Picking the Wedding Dress
Pick the dress first!

Do you like the idea? Then get the dress first.

Another stressful decision!

I decided to make my wedding dress – it sounds easier than it actually was and it only got finished the day before… That aside – choosing a dress is quite major. So many things come into play. (I wish you all the best!)

How Having The Dress Helps…

Picking the wedding dress before the cake

The fabric, lace, buttons, colour, gown design and style are details that a cake decorator could incorporate into your cake design.

This is a lovely style cake that you can get really creative with.

Apart from the dress inspiration consider adding other finishing touches, like the same flowers in your bouquet or veil details – you could even feature your shoe design, hair clip or jewellery.

I have saved any wedding dress cakes I have come across in my Pinterest Board – Cake for the Bride. Be sure to follow to get the latest pins.

Tip – Wedding dresses ordered online take a while to arrive. Save and print a picture to add to your folder.

Cake at Vic Falls

How much of the dress detail you include is up to you.

Let Pinterest inspire you – there is no need to get the exact same copy done – cake decorators hate that! (True story).

Use it as inspiration. I encourage brides to chose 5 pins that they love and then we work with them to create something new.

Your wedding dress is probably so unique and perfect for you – let your personality spill over to your cake. Try sketching different ideas.

Picking the wedding dress

Dress Design Ideas I Have Seen Included In A Wedding Cake

  • piped on lace that matches the dress
  • the back of the dress with buttons (I like this one)
  • bows and ribbons
  • fabric folds and pleats
  • stitching effects
  • lace and fabric flowers
  • stencil work – that looks like the lace
  • textured fondant
  • mini replica bridal flowers in a bunch on the top tier
  • lots of scope to get unique here…

Are You Aspiring To Make Your Own Cake?

If you would like to pursue this, here is a course to walk you through making it happen…

Key Take Away

  • If you love the wedding cake idea – order the dress first!
  • Get inspiration from Pinterest
  • Remember Your “Dress Wedding Cake” deserves its own cake design!
  • This a fun cake design with lots of scope to be original and try something new…


This has been a 5 post series from Brides Corner.

So, at this point, you should know…

What Your Wedding date Is

Where Your Wedding Venue Is

What Your Theme/ Style And Colours Are

What Flowers You Are Using

• Picking The Wedding Dress First (you are here)

Find examples of wedding dresses for 2019 here on Amazon.

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