Michael Nyakusvora – Artist in Vic Falls

Michael Nyakuvora artist in Victoria Falls Town

Stone Sculpturing Story

An Artist Feature today shining the spotlight on Michael and his passion for stone.

A Contribution from Michael Nyakusvora

Michael Nyakusvora

Michael Nyakusvora

Stone Sculpture ArtistHi, I am Michael and was born in Rusape, a little village in the heart of Zimbabwe. Let me tell you how I got started with my art.

Stone Sculpturing Story

I moved to Chitungwiza (near the capital city – Harare) when I was young, to stay with my Uncle. He had a workshop carving wooden sculptures, that I spent many hours helping out in.

It was in this environment, with my Uncles help and support, that I discovered at 13 years of age my talent, and was inspired by this woodwork experience – to work with stone.

It was only a matter of time and perfecting my skills, before I soon started to work in the art industry full time, starting out in 1990.

In time, I moved to Victoria Falls to pursue my artist dreams of carving the best unique stone sculptures that I could.

Michael Nyakusvora artist in Vic Falls


For the past two decades, I have displayed my art at various exhibitions at the Zimbabwe National Gallery, a European Travel Expo (held in Germany, America, Europe and Spain), in Johannesburg during the World Cup and other places in South Africa.

My art has become well recognised as I carve exclusive abstract stone art – some of which has been awarded as monuments of Zimbabwe Art – with merit, distinction and highly recommended.

Michael Nyakusvora artist in Vic Falls


My passion for rock started out as a means to teach people through art – togetherness and love.

The beginning of a project is always exciting to me, to see what I can make from raw rock.

“If I see a rock – I see a sculpture there!
When I am sculpting I only feel happiness!”
Michael Nyakusvora artist in Vic Falls
Favourite Stone
Spring Stone

Working With The Stone

The best rock to work with for me is Spring Stone – it is hard, solid and difficult to carve, but I love the results!

It can take me a minimum of two weeks to two months to create my art.

I have worked with many other stones but Spring Stone is my first love!

Other types of stone found in my shop include:

  • Spring Stone
  • Opal (white/green) Stone
  • Serpentine (black, fruit, green, brown)
  • Lepidocrocite Stone
  • Butter Jade Stone
  • Verdite Stone
  • Dolomite Stone
  • Cobalt Stone
  • Leopard Rock Stone

These are precious stones mined in Zimbabwe and take much love, labour and time to carve into unique art sculptures.

My Art Gallery Shop

I now have a shop in Victoria Falls and welcome you to visit me!

I sell sculptures in various sizes and weights. There is one here for you!

Michael Nyakusvora artist in Vic Falls

I look forward to your visit!

Michael’s work can be found at the Craft Centre Art Gallery. He mans his shop himself and can at times be seen working outside, on his unique Spring Stone creations.

Michael Nyakusvora artist in Vic Falls
Michael Nyakuvora artist in Victoria Falls Town

Michael’s Details

Cell: +263 775156337 or +263 714436399



  1. Hi, thanks for the great post. I like how you promoted the artist, his work and passion–a great way to also promote tourism there. As someone who appreciates arts, Michael’s work is very interesting and fascinating.
    I also like his inspiration which is togetherness and love. I look forward to hearing more about other artists and great posts about Vic Falls.

    1. Author

      Hi Sarah,

      Glad you stopped by! Yes, I think promoting the artists here is going to be a great way to put Vic Falls on the map. There are amazing pieces of art hidden here and there. Michael is original and passionate about his art, I like that and his work has a theme, which is also unique. We try to feature an artist every month, so if you like art, be sure to check in every now and then. Have a great day!

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