Luxury Destination Wedding Lodge You Need to Know About

Honeymoon In Victoria Falls

Destination weddings are popular as you can combine the wedding and honeymoon together. It can be an adventure for your guests too. Many hotels and lodges cater specifically for the bridal couple and aim to make your event special and memorable. Here is a report on Tongabezi Lodge. The perfect luxury destination wedding spot on the Zambezi River!

Can’t imagine anything more romantic!!!  Get married or have your honeymoon in a memorable destination.

Luxury wedding honeymoon hotels

Tongabezi Lodge offers a luxury Victoria Falls honeymoon in Zambia, Africa.

Luxury wedding honeymoon hotels

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Luxury Destination Wedding – Tongabezi Lodge Prices

Should you decide on getting married here, be sure to book your wedding cake with us.

Luxury Destination Wedding - Travel where there is cake!
Travel Where There Is Cake

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6 thoughts on “Luxury Destination Wedding Lodge You Need to Know About”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t even know of this place. 

    I’ve always wanted to visit Africa but never thought it had such beautiful locations.

    I didn’t even think I would want to spend my honeymoon there but seeing this I’ve changed my mind.

    Thank you very much for this article I will definitely check this out.

  2. I see  Victoria Falls is indeed famous in the world with it’s spectacular and magnificent beauty. With its awe-inspiring curtain of falling waters.  I wish to find an opportunity to visit. I think it’s the best place to spend a honeymoon because of the magicalness. It wouldn’t be included in the wonders of the world if not for its captivating beauty.  There seem to be so many activities to be explored that you can’t experience in other countries. I like the thought of staying for a vacation at the  Victoria Falls Hotel. Thank you for sharing this to us. We hope to get know more things about Victoria Falls through your upcoming articles.

    • Hi MissusB

      How right you are!  Let’s hope you do visit and couples take your advice and come on honeymoon to Victoria Falls. It’s amazing how diverse the area is. Victoria Falls is also close to other countries that you can go to after a week or so. Chobe is just down the road and Zambia is just across the bridge.

  3. Wow, imagine getting married at Vic Falls. That would certainly be a moment you would cherish forever. Unfortunately, it may be a little expensive to have a big wedding there and your guests would also have to spend a fortune to get there. So if it were my choice, I would choose a quiet wedding with just close family and the two of you and then turn it into a honeymoon.

    • Hi Michel,

      You mention good points!  A honeymoon is definitely a better option financially.  However, for the Zimbabwean bride returning to Zimbabwe to get married, it’s actually perfect!  They get the luxury wedding honeymoon destination many only dream of. Their guests are already in the country and I am sure would not object to having a few days vacation in Victoria Falls.  With the many accommodation options, with a bit of planning and prioritising, it could be an ideal wedding solution.  And of course, knowing you can get the wedding cake delivered, is an added plus!

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