Controversial – Is Travel Insurance Worth it? 7 Reasons Not To Skip This…

It’s Something Many Ask Themselves… Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

With everyone stuck at home, you no doubt have allowed your self to dream of your perfect holiday! You may have already set plans into motion. Travel to one of the World Wonders is often high on the bucket list! But is travel insurance worth it? In this article, we will cover 7 reasons to get travel insurance, and we particularly like this cover as it includes adventure sports. And as you know, Victoria Falls Zimbabwe is particularly adventurous!

So what would be a good fit? It should be simple to understand, easy to buy and claim online and should include extreme or adventure sports. Here’s what we found…

Travel insurance: simple & flexible

You can buy and claim online, even after you’ve left home.

Travel insurance from is available to people from over 130 countries.

It’s designed for adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities.

7 Things You Should Know About Travel Insurance From

  1. Trusted reliable underwriters is backed by a suite of strong, secure, specialist travel insurers who provide you with great cover, 24 hour emergency assistance and the highest levels of support and claims management when you need it most.
  2. Value for money with the cover you need provides cover for what’s important for travellers from over 130 countries. By focusing on what you need and leaving out what you don’t, World Nomads prices are some of the most competitive online.
  3. Flexibility when you need it most
    Had a change of plans? You can buy more cover or claim online while you are still away. You can even buy a World Nomads policy if you’re already travelling.
  4. Cover for a range of adventure activities
    From skiing & snowboarding in New Zealand to whitewater rafting in Colorado, covers a range of adventure activities, giving you peace of mind to get the most from your travels.
  5. World Nomads keeps you travelling safely
    All members have access to up-to-date travel safety alerts, as well as travel safety advice and tips online through the World Nomads Travel Safety Hub.
  6. More than just great value travel insurance
    All members can learn the local lingo through a series of iPod & iPhone Language Guides and can stay in touch with family and friends with an online travel journal.
  7. Commitment to exceptional customer service
    We want to make sure you get the most from You can find out more about why travel insurance is important for your trip. If you have any questions about your travel insurance or travel safety in general, please contact directly.
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Is Travel Insurance Worth It?
Is Travel Insurance Worth It Or Not?

You may not know it, but all the activities in Victoria Falls require you to sign an indemnity form freeing the tourist companies from liability. This means that, should any mishap occur, this will be at your own expense.

Your Take – Is Travel Insurance Worth It Or Not?

Is Travel Insurance Worth It
Water damage on your cameras or cell phones is the most common issue with travel here in flood season – get proper waterproof covers or use the tip above. Here are some examples found on Amazon. (ad)
Is travel insurance worth it in this case? That would depend on your equipment and the cost to replace or repair it.
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While it’s true, the chances of anything going wrong are slim, you would have peace of mind knowing you are covered anyway. Did you know that some activities are seasonal? Please feel free to comment on what you think – is travel insurance worth it?

6 thoughts on “Controversial – Is Travel Insurance Worth it? 7 Reasons Not To Skip This…”

  1. Nice quick article on travel insurance as it pertains to World Nomads. I like that you can modify your cover while travelling and that they provide an app to help you learn the local lingo. If you get a chance, could you do a more in-depth write up on World Nomads and how it compares to other travel insurance providers. 

    • Hi Marvin,

      Sure, we will do a post soon on the differences World Nomads has to other travel insurance providers. 

      Thanks for stopping by. 


  2. Confession: I never buy travel insurance when I go overseas. I simply go and pray nothing bad happens. And thank God that nothing bad happened.

    But then I’ve heard all kinds of stories from flight delays to earthquakes, now I think I’ll start to consider getting insurance before I travel. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Hi Tim,

      I am sure many can relate and have done exactly the same thing!  If you are travelling to high risk areas or are going to be doing thrill sports of any kind – travel insurance is really the sensible thing to do.  

      It can actually cost you so, so much more money to not get insurance.

  3. I think having travel insurance is paramount when you are travelling. But one thing that I have really discovered with your post is that I could get insurance for different high-risk activity, which is very fantastic because I thought one should be a professional in that sport in order to get coverage. So, I am gonna check it right away.


    • Glad we are on the same page Adyns68!  No, you don’t have to be a sports professional to qualify for high-risk sport or activities.  Hope you get the cover you need for your next trip.

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