How to create your own webite for free

How to create your own website for free – includes training

Art (or any other Niche) Websites for Free

Art is a beautiful expression of how a person interprets shape, colour and texture – and covers numerous mediums.  Original art has always been something that I have been drawn too.  Here at Cake at Vic Falls, local artists have been featured to help them become known worldwide.   These are humble, talented folk, simply trying to earn a steady income with their artwork.

As I have been working with the Artist in Victoria Falls – the same two questions come up in every conversation…

How can I create my own website? Can I create it for free?  

To make it easier to explain, I thought I would put up this post so that I can direct anyone interested in starting an art website here. Or any other niche website 🙂

So, can you start a website for free?

Yes, you can. And initially, I did with Siterubix.  They have –

  • An excellent choice of themes to select – including themes for an artist to display their work.
  • It is hosted by a reliable server.
  • Has training and technical support
  • A supportive community.
  • You get two free websites.

While I started out with Siterubix, I later I decided to explore further online opportunities and chose to go premium for the year and register a dot-com domain name.

As an artist – this could be a good option as you would earn an income from your website while promoting your art.  How? you may be wondering.  By promoting art products you are using or have used at some point in your artistic career.  Or at the very least, you could earn from advertisements.

I am no expert, so this is not a post going into the details on how to create a website and supplement your art income.  I got all my training here and am still learning something every day!

Hand holding, First level training, Hosting, Great community, FREE
Go All-in-One today!

If you are an Artist in Vic Falls and are reading this, know that –

    • You can start a website for free. One that you will have full control over and won’t need to pay anyone else to maintain!
    • You get all the help you need from the beginning – a first level course that will get your website live and indexed into Google, Bing and Yahoo.  This stuff needs hand-holding – It is a step by step approach and at the end of the first level, you have exactly what you need to have an online presence. (If you wish to pursue further opportunities you will need to go premium to get the other levels of training.)


The same goes for creating a Cake Decorating Website!

I niched this Cake Website with Travel.  The more unique you make your take on cake decorating the better.  To niche this vast topic, narrow it down to a particular skill, or your best strength.  Need suggestions or help – drop me a line, I will be happy to help you get started. 🙂

Create Your Own Website for Free

For Artist in Victoria Falls town…

Contact me about featuring you on Cake at Vic Falls – it’s also free 🙂  and I will send folk from my website to your awesome artwork online!

If you would rather not worry with a website, but would still like to be featured – get in touch!

Any questions?  I will be happy to answer them below.

All the best.



  1. I think the world of Wealthy Affiliate and have experienced it first hand. However, how was it doing the free program with siterubix. Is it possible to make money off of it?

    1. Author

      Hi Bruce, glad you are also enjoying Wealthy Affiliate. Yes I think you can make money on a free website. As I was focusing on getting my wedding cakes known, I did get a number of enquiries and a confirmed order. I have now gone premium, which allows you to learn much more and you get the help from community and added features to get your site speed up as well as access to a keyword research tool. So worth it. Great question, thanks for commenting. All the best with your website.

  2. I love the idea of being able to create a website for free. Is there a lot of time involved, or a huge learning curve? Also, once this is created, what are the fees to keep it running on the internet?

    1. Author

      Hi Matts Mom,

      Anything worth doing does take time. The free training covers 10 lessons. This could take you a month to complete, it just depends one the time you have available to learn. As long as you keep it on Siterubix it’s free hosting. You only have access to the community for the first week, after that it’s only available for premium members who pay a monthly or yearly fee. But you can still learn and use the search bar for when you get stuck. It works out to be about a dollar a day for premium, specials run on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For an art website where you want to promote your art or any other hobby, Siterubix is perfect and free.

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