Choose The Wedding Flowers Before You Order Your Cake

Choose the wedding flowers before the cake
Choose The Wedding Flowers First!

This post is the fourth of five posts from Brides Corner.

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4. Getting The Flowers

After looking at lots of bridal bouquets on Pinterest it’s hard to imagine a wedding without flowers!

But before you get carried away, perhaps a reality check is in order. 

It would be practical to decide:

  • What is actually possible?
  • Can the flowers be sourced locally?
  • Can you afford to get them online?
  • Do you have allergies? (silk flowers or alternatives would be best)
Choose The Wedding Flowers Before The Cake

Next, Think About –

  • What’s your favourite flower?
  • What is a local flower in your area? (budget idea)
  • What flowers have you seen that have just blown you away?

Who Can Help You With Your Flower Choice?

Local Florists know their flowers and they know what flowers go together.

Keen gardeners in your area may sell garden roses (those huge beautiful ones!)

Online Florist Options, where you choose pre-suggested bouquets or bunches of flowers are another option to look into.

If both the cake and the flowers are important – work with your florist or online assistant, to get a nice balance on price, colour and variety.

Tip – Let your cake decorator organise the flowers for your cake.

Cake at Vic Falls

Sugar Flowers can be used when the real-life flowers are poisonous. (More about sugar flowers later, but don’t be discouraged, you can have exactly what you want – just in another medium).

You won’t need too many extra flowers to add to your cake (that is if you are having fresh flowers on your wedding cake). And don’t forget – less is more!

Tip for DIY Cake Making Brides

Check which flowers can safely be added to cakes. (Some are poisonous or may have pesticide residue on them.) They need to be added correctly –

  • first wrapped in cling-wrap
  • then taped with florist tape to stop any leakage from the stems
  • and finally inserted with tea bubble straws into the cake).
Choose The Wedding Flowers

Note: If you are adding flowers to your cake you will need to have an idea of what flowers are being used.

Cake at Vic Falls

You don’t necessarily have to have everything match and marry up – but, if you are using blush pink roses in your bouquet and sunflowers on your cake – it’s going look a bit odd!

Flowers Commonly Used On Wedding Cakes

Flowers on a wedding cake are probably the most popular decoration added to wedding cakes. Some popular flower additions are:

  • fresh flowers
  • sugar flowers
  • simple 2D flowers
  • icing piped flowers
  • painted on flowers
  • paper flowers
  • buttercream flowers
  • silk or ribbon flowers
  • dried flowers
  • wafer flowers
  • porcelain flower toppers
  • there are bound to be a bunch more I haven’t mentioned

Decide right now if you like the idea of flowers on the cake (regardless of what kind) or not.

Tip – Your flower choice can save you a lot of money.

Cake at Vic Falls

Key Take Away

  • Choose your wedding flowers – a florist can help you (even an online florist)
  • There is a lot to do – let your cake decorator organise the flowers on the cake, even if they sort it out at the reception using your extra flowers on hand
  • Decide if you like flowers on a wedding cake

Choosing the wedding flowers should be done before you order your cake. Let us know in the comments what flowers you were thinking of ordering.

In case you needed silk flowers, or even ideas about flower settings, Amazon is a great place to start.

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