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Learn to Decorate Cakes With a Little Help From My Learning Guide

Are you wanting to learn cake decorating?  

Have you got lots loads of decorating ideas, but struggle to make them happen?

I have a free guide that will help you to 

  • refine your learning strategy.  
  • Learn the best way for you
  • and see your skills and cakes improve dramatically!

I had a lovely cake decorating instructor – her name was Jane.  I was the youngest in her class (11 years old), so I got lots of attention!  Jane taught me the foundations and the old school of cake decorating.  If you were taught to sieve your icing sugar 4 times – then you know what I am talking about.  (ps. I never sieve icing sugar now! lol!)

From there, I kind of figured my own way around things.  Internet was not around, so my learning was mostly from books.  (Which is how I learn best.)

My mum was the perfect cheerleader – she got me practical cake books that I treasure to this day.  She even did a course herself so she could “make my blossoms at least!”   The memories make me smile.  Having someone to believe in you and support you makes the world of difference!

I hope you will let me be your cheerleader.

Cake decorating is an exciting art form that brings out a creative side, that you probably never knew you had.

If you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comments below and I will happily answer them!

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  1. It’s good to pass your knowledge onto others! I had a a cake shop a few years back and the creations that can be made it is truly an Art!

    Do you prefer to teach someone who has no experience or someone who has done a decorating course in a local night school? 

    The free guide is great and lets you learn with your own techniques. Its a good thing to include as everyone has their own styles.

    keep up the good work! 

    1. Hi Darren,

      Oh wow – that must have kept you busy!  I take my hat off to any cake shop owner.

      Someone who has general experience in baking a cake and icing it, is a lot less work.  However, we all have to start somewhere, so I really don’t mind.

      Glad you were able to look at the guide.  Yes, we all learn differently and want to get into cake decorating for different reasons.  I hope it helps a few along the way.  Thanks for the feedback!

  2. What a lovely thing to do! To decorate cakes is to be happy in my world!

    I love baking and especially making celebration cakes. Decorating them too. My skills however are not that great, but they do the job ok. 

    I’ve read through your cake decorating guide. You offer so many good tips and points for planning the cake decorating (which is where I always falter!), I’m going to read it again. 

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Alenka,

      Yes! Happy with all that sugar lol!  I’m sure you do just fine with your cakes, and believe me, most folk are more concerned about eating it than looking at it.

      I am so glad that you like my guide on how to get into cake decorating. Please feel free to share it or pin it for future reference.

      Happy caking


  3. Old school cake decorating is the best, Tracy!

    I’ve always wanted to delve more into cake decorating, I’ve been learning how to make the basic cakes but when it comes to decor, I mess it up really bad. My teacher always told me, making case bases is the easy part. Decorating is what defines an artist. 

    1. Hi Riaz

      Your teacher was right!  Decorating is a skill.  My cake decorator instructor used to say – Anyone can decorate cakes, but not everyone can be a cake decorator.

      However, I do think that cake decorating has come along way from the old school way, I mean, I was taught to sieve the icing sugar for icing FOUR times!  I admit with shame that I do not do this any more.  But I agree with you that there is a difference to modern and old school cake decorating.

      But hey, with the modernising of everything, there is literally nothing you can’t do now days.  There is a mould for everything, skills aren’t necessarily a requirement any more.  

      Did you click through to my learning guide? I think you could easily pick up a few tips that could help you to learn how to decorate a cake fairly well.  Keep practising Riaz!

  4. The last thing I decorated was cupcakes for my daughter’s 18th birthday and I must say got quite some satisfaction for doing so.

    Her party was a Hawaiian theme so we decorated with lovely aqua butter icing and had made little beachballs, surfboards, got little umbrellas and had a blast basically, decorating them.  

    Everyone loved them and they looked great on the stand.  Never knew I had it in me!

    1. Hi Sharon,

      Themed parties are such fun hey?  Well done!  I’m sure you enjoyed decorating the cupcakes.

      I love the minions.  The fun thing about using theme kits is that the results are impressive!  

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