Cake Bible – Great Reference Guide for both Beginners and Professionals

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Author – Rose Levy Beranbaum : Review

When you are on the look out for a cake book that can be used by a beginner and a professional you want to get something that is thorough.  Aren’t e-books so much easier than physical books?  What I especially like is that you can view a sample online to see if it’s really what you are needing. So always check them out first!

I often prop my tablet on my windowsill and read recipes from there.  Although I do get flour print issues at times – lol!

You really need go-to recipes for cake decorating.

Trying new things for orders can get stressful when things go wrong.  If you have one, then you are good to go!

If not – a resource like this will pave your road to success.

Even if your decorating skills are still a work in progress, you will get orders if your cakes are delicious!

cake bible


The Cake Bible is now available as an e-book at a reasonable price.

It’s a classic cake-baking reference bible from Rose Levy Beranbaum whose been baking for years, has got awesome awards and is giving what she knows to you at a reasonable price.



A complete guide to cake making – in easy to follow instructions.  Rose shares her tried and tested –

  • cake recipes
  • buttercreams
  • wedding cake guides

She’s perfected it, so you don’t have to!

Unique recipes like – Pistachio Marzipan, Golden Butter Cream Cake and Chocolate Rose Molding Paste.



Rose shares her knowledge and method freely in video form.

You will need to purchase the books for the recipes though.


Whose it for?   Both the Professional and the AmateurRose Levy Beranbaum - Cake Bible

560 pages

e-book download – nook book

$16.99 (USD)

Read an online sample The Cake Bible.


 What have others said? rated it with 4.2 Stars rated it with 4.6 with 424 positive reviews


What Reviews say? – Reference to it being an excellent, best, indispensable cookbook.  Easy to follow instructions.  Melt in your mouth recipes and handy tips on everything cake!


Your cakes need to be delicious as well as pretty!

Having reliable go-to recipes will make a huge difference to your success as a cake decorator.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel – take a page from the experts’ and move on to other skills knowing your foundation – the yummy cake, is sorted!

A must for any cake decorator!

Other books by Rose Levy Beranbaum –

Rose's Heavenly Cakes - Rose Levy Beranbaum

The Pie and Pastry Bible - Rose Levy Beranbaum

Have you got a favourite recipe from any of these books?  Let us know in the comments below.

Are you wanting to learn cake decorating and are a bit overwhelmed?  Read this guide here.


  1. Wow! Baking a cake is one of the interesting thing for me to do. Although it really takes time to make it, but it’s really cool and fun most specially when you are making decorations on it. Once you finish the cake from baking to decorating that makes you feel fulfilling. Thanks for sharing this, someday I could go back on baking and making some more delicious cakes.

    1. Hi there Celeste,

      Glad you like baking!  You are right the final achievement of a well decorated cake is very fulfilling!  I hope this book inspires you to get  baking cake with a great foundation and taste.  As a baker you need go-to recipes and how convenient is that, to have one loaded on your mobile!  Hope you do get back to baking soon.  Thanks for stopping by.

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