Buttercream Your Cake – For Cake Making Brides

Today let’s review this buttercream class with a slight angle. Are you a bride who wants to make your own wedding cake? You need more than a YouTube tutorial, you should get a class that provides support along with it. I wanted to see if – Better Buttercream Stunning Techniques – a cake course, would be a good fit for a DIY bride to purchase when making her own wedding cake.

Buttercream Frosting Decorating Techniques – For DIY Brides

Buttercream Frosting Decorating Techniques For Brides

This Is A Cake Course On blueprint – Better Buttercream Stunning Techniques – By Erica O’Brien

She has been a cake decorator for over 20 years. Eric loves buttercream and is a great go-to for expert advice on the ways to use buttercream. She is chatty and shares tips and suggestions throughout. I liked her.

What You Need To Know About This Class

Only continue reading this if you are a bride looking for a rustic type finish. If you wanted a general guide on cake decorating we have one here.

It’s actually a great easy-ish type of technique that you could pull off with fresh flowers or bought decorations from somewhere like Etsy.

This is a cake course that starts with the icing. The icing is the game-changer. A printable recipe and instructions are included. She walks you through making the delicious icing step-by-step. Then you learn how to use the icing. Erica fills a cake with icing layer by layer and then does a final dirty ice or crumb coat before chilling the cake overnight.

Her buttercream is smooth and glossy. You can see that anything you do with it would work well. She shows you how to get those razor-sharp edges and also various techniques to dress the cake up with the icing.

I think my favourite two designs from this class that I would buy this class for are:

The Brushed Textures (both the vertical and the arc) – the look is rustic and you can’t actually get it wrong after a bit of practice.

And the Gold String Impressions – with a little experimenting this could be a really stunning look. It’s smooth buttercream with the gold marked on the sides.

Buttercream Frosting Decorating Techniques For Brides


Here is Erica teaching a section of the course.

The Buttercream Techniques Covered In This Class…

  • Surface textures
  • Combed textures
  • Inlays and Impressions
  • Chocolate Transfers and Stencils
  • Liquid buttercream
  • Square Cake Icing Technique

Overall Thoughts Of This Course

Better Buttercream: Stunning Techniques

Teaching Method 70%

Erica is lovely. I do think that some bits were slightly rushed because of the time limits.

Difficulty 65%

This is a basic buttercream class with a few techniques that are a bit beyond the beginner level. But that is what is so great about the course. You get the basics and then you can grow with it as you gain confidence.

Techniques Taught 85%

A great all-rounder. Simple, clever and a bit more than the basics. Erica teaches well and just goes with the flow. I do think a few ending bits of the various styles were slightly rushed.

Should I buy it? 50%

This really depends on you and what you are wanting your wedding cake to look like. This is definitely one of the easier cake finishes to do (In fact, it’s hard because you aren’t supposed to perfect it. It’s supposed to be rough and rustic.)


Once you get the class you will get direct access to Erica. You can ask her questions as you progress through your own cake creation. This is especially helpful if anything needs clarifying or you need a bit of advice.

Read what other students have said about the class and check out the other cake courses Erica does. Buttercream frosting decorating techniques is certainly an ideal class for the DIY bride looking for a rustic style wedding cake. Need more ideas on wedding cakes? Ordering it or making it yourself? Be sure to go to Brides Corner.

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