Brides Will You Make Your Own Wedding Cake?

“I want to make my own wedding cake”  Have you had that dream, like forever, that you want to make your own wedding cake? If so you are not alone. Some brides are quite ambitious and really want to make their cakes or design them. Are you trying to search for answers to questions such as – Is it a good idea to make the cake myself?  Are there any online courses that I can take?  What tools will I need?  What cake styles are easy?

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Should I make my own wedding cake  - things to think about

Let’s look into this option…

When Would This Be A Bad Idea?

  • When you are doing lots of other things too because you are on a budget.
  • I have seen this happen and have done it myself – you can’t do everything. And if you try, you will be EXHAUSTED at your wedding and will be wanting to get it all over so you can go and sleep. I only finished my mini cakes on the morning of the wedding (with many helping hands adding dots of royal icing around the edges of the cakes). And I forgot to add piping details to the main cake. My nails were stained with a dirty green from the colour gels. Although my make-up artist was horrified she saved the day with nail polish remover and nail varnish. 🙂
  • While both fruitcake and sponge cakes can be made well in advance, decorating usually happens two weeks before for fruitcakes with the final decorating done a day or two before the wedding. And a few days before the wedding or even the same day for sponge cakes with fresh flowers. Will you have time for this?
  • What Can Go Wrong? Honestly? Lots of things. But it’s not an impossibility and you can make it happen!
Make Your Own Wedding Cake - Essential Guide To Making Your Wedding Cake

When Would This Be A Good Idea?

  • When you are on a budget
  • When you have help
  • When you already bake well
  • When you have some cake decorating experience
  • When you are prepared to learn ahead of time
    1. through an online course
    2. by joining a decorating class
    3. by practising a lot on your own
    4. or you know someone who can help you

How To Make Your Wedding Cake Happen 

DIY your wedding cake

Helpful Courses to Get You Started

Here are a few free courses you can get started with.

Tip:  Remember to Check the Brides Corner for more information as we will be adding to it regularly.

Make your own wedding cake - DIY wedding cakes

Equipment to Get

Yes, you will need a few supplies to decorate your cake. If you are going to make the cake ensure you have the right tools. 

You likely have most of the baking equipment in your kitchen already. 

There are specific items needed though for buttercream and fondant icing.  

Cake Decorating Kits
Who Will Make The Wedding Cakes - Naked Wedding Cake

How to Make it Happen Without Having to Bake the Cake…

Get a professional to bake and ice the cake. By starting with this blank cake canvas you can easily DIY the decorations yourself.

What design styles would work well for this idea?

  • Plain Tiered Fondant Cakes – with or without minimal texture

Tip: Remember seasons matter here, and more so if you are now in charge of the cake – melted cakes are hard to fix. BE PRACTICAL.

DIY Decorations

Here Is How Are you Going to Decorate the Cake. 

  • By adding fresh flowers and satin ribbon
How to make your own wedding cake - DIY your wedding cake
  • By adding something that is meaningful to you as a couple (If it’s heavy maybe don’t unless you know how to support the weight)
  • By adding rose petals or lavender over the top
  • By purchasing a topper or sugar flowers from Etsy
  • By adding burlap and dried flowers

Cake at Vic Falls Pinterest Board Section – DIY Wedding Cakes and Bride Makes the Cake – feature any easy designs I have come across

Tip: A mistake to avoid is being bitty. A bit here and there can work, but it can also look silly if it is not coordinated well. A main focal point is the easiest to pull off.

Cake at Vic Falls

Be sure this is a task you are up to and have all the decorations on hand that you intend to use. Get someone to work with you – your Mum / Best Friend. What can make the most difference?  

The Cake Table Setting

A beautiful table cloth, a few fresh flowers, some candles, wine glasses, a picture frame, or the cake stand can all add to the overall feel. Adding any cake to such a setting is going to make the simplest of cakes look amazing.

How to make your wedding cake the table setting
The Cake Table Setting Can Make All The Difference

I will be adding tips to the Brides Corner so check in often.

Make the Kitchen/Tray Cake Or Another Important Cake

This is an easy way to make the cake for your wedding even if you are not a confident cake decorator.

Kitchen Cake or Tray Cake is extra cake that no one sees, it gets cut up and served plated from the kitchen. Many make the mistake of ordering mostly kitchen cake and then order or make a tiny wedding cake for display – you need to get height here, so it doesn’t get lost among everything else. (More on this in another post).

How to make the wedding cake - tray or kitchen cake

Tip – You may need to buy baking trays for this, be sure it won’t cost you more.  You can make any of the other cakes that surround the event.  Refer to the previous post – How to Handle Offers.

Key Take Away

  • Decide if making the cake is a good or bad idea for YOU
  • Have a backup plan in-case
  • Read the Section Your Wedding Cake Budget to learn more saving tips
  • Check Brides Corner regularly

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