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Every bride-to-be soon becomes aware that they need to learn how to save on a wedding… but that doesn’t stop them from having a vision of what they imagine their wedding day will be like. I wonder what yours is? Mine was of the dress and lots of pinks. I was thirteen when I fell in love with a wedding dress I saw in a magazine. It got cut out and added to my “Important Things Folder”.

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When I got married, I still had the picture. It was a bit faded, creased and worn on the folded lines, but I decided to keep it and actually added it to my wedding album.

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The dress I wore at the wedding, was totally different and was hand-made by myself – but I held on to the cut-out, because of how it made me feel. It symbolised that hopeful dream of youth. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my wedding and the dress. But the reality is that we don’t always get that “perfect” we envisioned. With the dress, there wasn’t a pattern to be found that matched the magazine picture. But for you, it could be that you are on a budget or that what you wanted, is simply not possible.

The Wedding Cake – Ordering It or Making It

Make Your Own Wedding Cake - Essential Guide To Making Your Wedding Cake

As we are seriously into cake. We are going to share a lot of information about wedding cakes and how to choose and save on your wedding cake. As well as helpful information for DIY brides who are brave enough to make their own wedding cake.

Weddings cost money – lots of it! But with a few tips on how to save on a wedding, brides to be can plan with success! Let’s hope a lovely big wedding cake made your important list!!!

Wedding Ideas

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How To Save On A Destination Wedding

We will also feature online wedding planning for destination brides to be. It is still possible to have a destination wedding on a budget. With careful planning, selecting a wedding package and choosing to marry at your honeymoon destination, you can skip many of the steps that would otherwise be necessary.

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