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Leminginton - Munyart Artist in Victoria Falls

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Here we shine the spotlight on a particular Artist at Victoria Falls, in this case, Lemington Muzhingi.  Enjoy the read!


Munyart artist in Vic FallsAbout Lemington Muzhingi – his beginnings and now

A contribution from Lemington Muzhingi

  • Born on September 27th, 1972
  • Name – Lemington Muzhingi
  • Shona Name – Munyaradzi
  • Art SignatureMunyart (combination of Munya + (artist)


A bit of history

I was born in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, in the then Melseter (now Chimanimani), and grew up in Gweru where I went to school.

My dear mother who is now 72, was very religious and I joined her at the local church and played the marimba until I was 15 years old.


It was soon after that I saw the light of Rastafariai and grew up a vegetarian with long dreadlocks, until a few years back when I decided to make some changes in my life.

Getting into Art

Bob Marley by Munyart
Bob Marley by Munyart

My family were artists, so I was exposed to many art forms early on. I used to copy my elder brother’s drawings as a young boy and at school teachers called me a young artist. In Gweru where I grew up, I used to admire a few artists and would go and observe closely how they did their art.

Later while I worked there wasn’t much time to do my art. But when I found myself out of work, I started drawing again with pencil, as well as oil painting and doing batiks.  I had really missed my art and was happy to be working on projects again.

How I got to be in Victoria Falls

A world-renowned artist Tapfuma Gutsa advised me to move to Bulawayo, it was here that I started doing serious pencil drawings in 2002.

I was part of an international project in Harare 2003 to 2005. I frequently took my art to galleries in Gaborone Botswana and lived one year in Johannesburg where life was tough for me.

In 2011 a friend took my drawings to Prime Art Gallery at Elephant’s Walk in Victoria Falls. The twin brothers called me to Victoria Falls and I displayed my pencil work in their gallery until Gail Van Jaarsveldt the owner of the mall noticed me.

That’s how I got to be here at Elephant’s Walk. I am happy with my place and the given response.

Munyart artist in Vic Falls

At work at the Elephant’s Walk Artists Village Shopping Centre

 Inspiration – Our glorious African past

Our past is in us. 

I feel close to nature and people.   Capturing a people with their unique beauty, their decorated traditional dress and daily tools – has challenged and inspired me to draw.

I feel that by putting this into art, it helps raise awareness and appreciation of the African civilizations and cultural beauty which seem to be in danger of being forgotten especially by our own locals.

My wish to have a better environment and more time

It is not ideal of course, trying to draw a masterpiece sitting at the entrance of a busy shopping mall. I have to work fast at a negotiable cheap price and often don’t feel like I’ve done my best. It is a great pleasure to talk to passersby and potential clients about my work even though it does compromise quality

For years and years, I have not been able to produce a single art piece that I am satisfied with, always working to a deadline, knowing that I can do much better than I am.

Kelvin Van Jaarsveldt once told his friend that I am “the best pencil artist in the world” and some tourists don’t believe the drawings were done by the man they are looking.

I dream of having my own studio where I can work peacefully and concentrate without any disturbances. I look forward to making a few masterpieces like I used to do before and then reap what a masterpiece sows.


Lemington’s work is on display at Elephant Walk Shopping Centre. He can be found at the entrance – working on his art every day.

Contact details for Lemington Muzhingi (Munyart)

Facebook – Lemington Munya Muzhingi

WhatsApp – +263 773738449

Email –

Munyart artist in Vic Falls


  1. This is a very interesting biography. I can relate to producing some art and not having it be quite right because of a deadline.Wishing Lemington all the best in his artistic endeavors!

    1. Author

      Hi Melinda

      Glad you got a chance to read Lemington’s art story. Did you get a chance to look at some of his other work? It’s fantastic!

      Let’s hope someone sponsors him so that he can work at the pace needed for a masterpiece!

      Thanks for stopping by – look around the site a bit, you may just well be inspired to come visit Victoria Falls…

  2. Very interesting artist biography. I know that the life of an artist is very tough. You need to find a really great sponsor to be recognizable at some point. It is great that life brought Lemington to the Victoria Falls and provided him with the artist position. I hope that he will find his inspiration very soon and move forward with his art creations!

    1. Hi Anna

      Yes you are right – being an artist is tough!  There are many talented artists in Victoria Falls – but they are unknown and unappreciated.  It’s true that curios are everywhere, and often not of the greatest quality (as one guy told me – this is how new artist are born, they have to start somewhere, hence the masses of beginning art that is sold) – but there are real gems in amongst them. Lemington is one of the gems 🙂

      Be sure to follow or contact Lemington about his art. Or even better sponsor him, so that he can get on with her masterpieces.  More of his work can be found here.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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