Art Cakes in Victoria Falls

Art Cakes – Capturing the Local Art… Unique is Good – How’s This for a Difference?

Art Cakes.  Experience art through your senses.

Africa is well known for its vibrant art and scenic views.

Imagine capturing that real African feel on a cake!

I love art!  Seeing so much talent around, much of it unappreciated, I thought, why not combine art and cake.

With the wonderful innovation of edible sugar sheets, it is possible to print out an artists’ picture and add it to a cake.

With a few additions of my own work to the cake, the effect is eye-catching and quite novel!


Artists added to date –


Tea time will have a whole new quality of its own! It would be a fantastic talking point, at the time and when sharing your photos with friends and family.

Nothing like having a slice of the Falls!

Featuring a variety of artist will expose their art to a wider audience, and it will allow you to choose which artwork you would like to eat!!!


Please note that no other provision has been made to make any additions.  Should you wish to use your cake for a particular occasion, please consider obtaining a cake topper and bring it along with you.

Cake Toppers

As we specialise in wedding cakes, this is not a custom-made product.

Personalise your Art Cake…

When looking for options available, I came across a few cake toppers that I thought were unique.

You can order your own online and then bring your topper with you, and simply add it to the cake.

This way, you get to use your cake for your intended purpose and you add your own personal touch too!


Choose a Flavour and the Artist whose work you love!

Would you like to support an artist?

Order an Art Cake!

The artist receives an artwork royalty fee when you order their artwork on your cake.

And, we all like cake, right!? 🙂

Order your cake now!


Art Cakes by Tracy




Further contact will be made to confirm that we are able to supply your Art Cake on the chosen date.  Details for payment will also be outlined. 🙂

Art Cakes in Vic Falls


  1. Believe me tracey’s cakes are not only good to look at but delicious too. You will not be disappointed.

    1. Author

      Hi Jackie,

      Thank you for your continued support! Appreciate it.

  2. Wow… your cake is amazingly beautiful! How much work is it to put the image on the cake? I love baking and like all your images and always looking for great ideas. I could probably start by taking some photos… I really like this!

    Thank you

    1. Author

      Hi Monica
      Thanks so much. 🙂 It’s not too hard at all… The secret lies in the measurements and the straight sides of the cake. You have to make sure the edible sugar sheet is the same height as the cakes side. I have a guillotine to cut the sheets. The sides of the cake have to be super straight, otherwise your photo print will warp. Make sure you apply the print whilst the buttercream or ganache is fresh – this makes for a good fix, then smooth the top with a pallet knife so that you get the sharp edge. Hope this helps and all the best.

  3. What a beautiful cake! I didn’t know you can fix an image also on the bottom part of the cake, it’s a great idea.

    And looks so yummy 🙂

    1. Author

      🙂 Yes! And it’s a fun way to have art on holiday! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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