Art in Vic Falls

Artist Feature and Art Round-up here at Cake at Vic Falls

Notably, Art is everywhere in this little town of Victoria Falls…

Brightly coloured displays of merchandise (often outside shops doors) – cloth batiks, bags, jewellery, dresses, even paintings – all attractively set up, making for a delightful experience for any tourist!

Art In All Mediums –

  • carvings in wood
  • stonework
  • paintings
  • fabric prints
  • drawings
  • beadwork
  • and so much more…

– ranging from the traditional to the contemporary-

Ranging from the traditional to the contempory

Get a meaningful piece of art…

Bring Africa to your home.

Some friends of ours who visit Zimbabwe regularly, told us how, with their travels over the years to different places in Africa, they got to see that a trip became more memorable when they returned home with a larger curio.  The key rings and fridge magnets in time got lost and forgotten about – but the bigger pieces of art that they bought, are still there reminding them of the great times they had.

This is my Mum’s lounge in England.  She has surrounded her home with art pieces from Victoria Falls.

Bring Africa to your home

Their advice to us was, “spend your money on one larger curio for your home, and then get all the smaller curio gifts for the friends and family”.

Popular Places to View Handcrafts and Shopping In Victoria Falls

To help you out in knowing where to see all the art, I have mentioned a few places below.

They are on Adam Stander Drive – the heart of shopping and eating places.  

Use the directions button to get there from where ever you are.  Starting at the top of the road from Livingstone Way or the A8 – I will show you what you will find as you walk up the road.

  • Art Africa Sculpture Park

On the left after Three Monkeys, you will see the Art Africa Sculpture Park.  Everyone is friendly, often it is the Artist himself who is selling his carvings.  I featured one of their giraffe sculpture pieces here.

All bought products are wrapped and taken to DHL, Fedex or the Post Office for you if you require this service.

Art Africa Sculpture Park - A place to find Souvenirs
  • The Curio Market

On the right you will see the Craft Center.  It has a collection of small shops and is a block.  So the front shops are only a fraction of what is there. 

As art is such a personal thing – it’s either going to be a place you love or not.

I took a few photos of the goodies for you to get an idea.

Craft Center Victoria Falls
  • Matombo Gallery

For carvings and such, there is Matombo Gallery.  There are some amazing works of art in between the average common ones.  I featured a set of stone heads here.

Matombo Gallery and the Craft Centre sort of merge.

It’s here you will find “The Elephant Man” and Michael Nyakusvora.

Stone Sculpture Gallery in Victoria Falls
  •  Elephant Walk Shopping Centre

Creatively designed, shops bursting with colours and interesting finds.

Artists at different points, painting, doing beadwork, sewing African cloth, pencil drawing and more.  

It’s at Elephant’s Wallk, at the entrance that you will get to see Munyart on the left working on his pencil drawings.  On the right is the Prime Art Gallery.  A beautiful Gallery, it’s so worth looking at!  My son and I often pop in here to check out the new art.  

Behind the Elephant’s Walk are open Curio Market stands,  and a few other shops with a variety of handmade crafts.

The Africa Cafe’ (which we will so miss!)  has been replaced by Dean’s.  Take a few moments and grab a coffee and slice of baobab cheese cake and soak in the surroundings.

Elephants Walk and Artist Village

From the A8 or Livingstone Way, turn into Sillitoe Road.  You will see TM on you Left – continue round the bend (the road changes names from Sillitoe to Spencer Road) and turn at your next left.  The road  is unnamed on Google Maps.  But you will soon see all the open and semi closed Markets on your left as you walk a little way down.  Comesa Market is the second covered market structure.

  • Comesa Market

To get cloth fabric at a reasonable price, a visit to Comesa Market is a must.  It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but inside they have loads of fabric neatly arranged in rows and rows.

It’s quite the challenge to choose!  The ladies are pleasant, persuasive, but not pushy which is nice.  I find I buy from several different sellers as there are many different types of fabric and some give a discount if you purchase several pieces from them.

The fabric featured here is a wax coated fabric that washes soft after being made up.  Note that there is a little bit of shrinkage, it’s pure cotton, so keep this in mind if you are sewing or getting it made up into an outfit.

Going to Comesa Market is only worth doing if you are on a travel budget, need more fabric variety or are wanting to see a bit of culture. Cloth fabric is found at many of the Hotel and other curio shops, but it would be double or more price-wise.  But at the open markets, you should get it around the same or for a little more.

Tips Round Up

  • carry $1 or $5 bills (the smaller pieces start at $2.50 for 2m fabric pieces – these are usually NOT cotton but a nylon blend.
  • 6m wax fabric starts from $15 – $30 and is pure cotton.  Great for outfits.
  • The ladies are inclined to give different prices – ask and move on – then come back to what you  really like and love.
  • Get a taxi ride there if you are nervous to walk – ask him to accompany you if you would like support – I’m sure he would be delighted to help out.
Fabric at Komesa Market
Fabric at Komesa Market Victoria Falls

Why we decided to feature artist on this website

While there is much on offer (with everyone hopeful that they will make a sale), tourists are often scared off by persistent vendors, who roam around with one or two carved objects.

How sad, because the true artists are humbly waiting at their shops, not disturbing or worrying anyone.  They have got a selling licence, are paying rent and have got amazing talents that they are using to create art products.

So many don’t even see their work…

Another reason is, like in all places there is a bit of mass-production and many of the same things are promoted and found in each shop.  So again, the real artists are overlooked and get lumped together with the supposed, “yeah, I’ve already seen it all.”

There is more on offer than just those few items that you are being asked to buy.

Hopefully, by featuring the Artists – when you start searching for facts on Vic Falls, you will land up here and get a glimpse of their artwork and read their stories.

I moved to Victoria Falls to pursue my artist dreams of carving the best unique stone sculptures that I could… 

The beginning of a project is always exciting to me, to see what I can make from raw rock.  Read More

Michael Nyakusvora

Stone Sculpture Artist

I feel close to nature and people.   Capturing a people with their unique beauty, their decorated traditional dress and daily tools – has challenged and inspired me to draw… it helps raise awareness and appreciation of the African civilizations and cultural beauty which seem to be in danger of being forgotten especially by our own locals.  Read More

Lemington Muzhingi

Pencil Artist

One collection that is close to my heart is The Victoria Falls Collection… I found it to be a humbling and awe-inspiring experience to be in its thunderous presence…  

The paintings are in a manner that reflects these early historical images of Victoria Falls.  Read More

Lynne Arnold

Lynne Arnold

Oil and Acrylic Painter

 As an experiment, I tried carving stone and here I found something I could work on and actually enjoy!

My elephants were being sold more than any other design, such that my customers called me for more elephants. Instead of calling me with my name, they started to say,

“Mr Elephant, please do some more elephants!”  Read More

Lookmore Mawire

Elephant Man - Stone Sculpture Artist
Artists in Victoria Falls

Featuring The Artists In Town

Will help get their work seen by those who love art. The post will include-

  • their story
  • some of their work
  • their contact details

This way, you will already have in mind whats out there and won’t miss out on investing in some quality artwork.  Make sure you give ample time beforehand if you are commissioning any artwork that you plan to return home with.


Art Round-up

A spotlight on a feature art piece.  It won’t be about the artist – but rather the artwork itself.  Anything that’s interesting fun, or clever.  Want to see some Round-ups?


  1. Hi. Loveky article. Where is located the komesa market ?
    Thank you

    1. Author

      Hi Celine

      You know I am so glad you asked that question. I will update this post next week with a map. But in short. Turn into the road that has TM on the left – it’s big, you can’t miss it. Follow the road around a bend and then take your first left turn. You will find the market in an enclosure on the left-hand side of the road. If you aren’t sure at any point, just ask anyone around to direct you. Otherwise, you could get a taxi to take you, and if you are a little nervous, ask him to go in with you. I am quite sure he would. Have fun there. I love the fabric choices.

  2. I think the craft center would interest me the most 🙂 I like a more contemporary look, but I also love seeing what others make and finding new gems for my home I recently purchased in Florida. Great information on the different kinds of art available in Vic Falls!

    1. Author

      Hi Matts Mom,
      So glad you stopped by to check out the Art in Vic Falls! Yes, the contemporary is often prefered. But I do think some of the traditional art is very clever! A lot of work goes into the creations. Oh, I do hope when you visit you get a “contemporary art gem!” for your new home. Congratulations. Have fun decorating it with beautiful art! Did you see Lynne’s Special Victoria Falls Collection? That would be stunning on your walls…

      All the best

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