Abstract Giraffe Art Round Up

Abstract Giraffe Art

Art Round-Up

Hi there,

This is the first in the series  – Art Round-Up!

Giraffe abstract art is BIG here in Vic Falls.  There are so many takes on this magnificent creature!  As I was looking through all the variations, it was a tough decision to choose the best.  And, as this was the first in the series, I wanted it to be a bit of a wowzer 🙂

Art Africa Sculpture Park
Art Africa Sculpture Park


How’s this for initiative – recycled art projects!  Our art feature today is a piece that is in the Art Africa Sculpture Park.  An open-air gallery nestled between the Three Monkeys Restuarant and N1 Hotel.

Actually, it was a bit hard to miss!!!  Stands at around 2 metres – a resourceful, creative and a fun take on giraffe abstract.




Abstract giraffe art a round up
Abstract Giraffe

I was unable to get the Artists name –  if you are the artist, get in touch!  I would love to feature you here at Cake at Vic Falls!

Here’s a close-up…

Abstract giraffe art
Abstract giraffe art – close up!

How cool is that!!!  Even a fork to boot!  Recycled metal art!!!  For those of you who believe in recycling – won’t you agree that this artist has been resourceful and turned junk into art.  Lots of work has gone into this, he would have had to find all the bits of metal first, make the structure and then weld the various metal pieces together to fill it out.

My rating on this sculpture is a full 10/10

  • Creative
  • Resourceful (turning junk into cash)
  • An excellent example of recycling with art
  • And I loved the fork addition and the feet!

I’m now on a mission to find other junk metal art sculptures!

(Up-date) I have found some more at Look Out Cafe’.

Rafting Mouse at Look Out Cafe
This guy is on one of the sculptures…


Scrap metal sculptures at Look Out Cafe
Scrap metal sculptures at Look Out Cafe’


Scrap metal sculpture at Look Out Cafe
Scrap metal sculpture at Look Out Cafe’


What rating would you give these creative art forms?  Leave a comment below 🙂


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