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Welcome to Cake at Vic Falls!

Tracy author Cake at Vic Falls

Hi there, I’m Tracy

A cake decorator and five-year resident

of Victoria Falls Town.

I am here to help you with tips and free travel advice

to this amazing vacation spot.




I can’t think of a better place to get married than at a naturally beautiful, destination like Victoria Falls – ever so romantic!

As I am here, creating wedding cakes – I may as well show you around the place, right?



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Answering your questions about Vic Falls

Giving travel tips and information on Vic Falls


Start off by learning and reading about…

Why Vic Falls is such an awesome travel destination

Food reviews and where to eat out

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Discover the local art and artists who are world renown for their stonework


If you are arranging to get married…

• Where to get married in Victoria Falls

The Wedding Cake – Order it here!!!

• What you need to know about getting married in a small town


A bit about Tracy…

Creative, loves sunrise, art, chocolate and all things cake! A wife, mum and homeschooler.

We have grown to love Victoria Falls (really, what is there not to love!), and have been here for five years now.

  • It’s a beautiful quiet town
  • close to nature
  • interesting – as there are a variety of tourists year round (I love watching folk experience Victoria Falls)
  • and hot most of the time!

Our favourite get-away and de-stress is a quick drive on the loop road (Zambezi Drive).  As the rainy season starts, we like to regularly check the water levels, it’s amazing how an extra inch of water, can change the river! Depending on the timing and season, various animals including elephant can be seen here (not always… only about half the year round). We are always hopeful though!

If you are visiting us, we are confident that you will have an amazing holiday, with many memories to share.

What better way is there to remember such a trip, than with delicious cake!

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Our goal is to help you.  Please feel free to leave comments and questions on any of the posts.

See you inside! 🙂