Cake at Vic Falls

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Victoria Falls Zimbabwe!

Cake at Vic Falls
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Get married in Victoria Falls or plan to have your honeymoon here the possibilities are endless!

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6 thoughts on “Cake at Vic Falls”

  1. I have a friend that is contemplating her wedding early next year in the Victoria falls. I think this article has given me the courage to convince her to have her wedding there. I couldn’t be more excited! I love the quote. For me, I could eat cake all day, every day! My favorite part of any wedding is the cake part, then the dress.  I love how the cake is customized to fit what the bride wants. I love the varieties that are available. Hoping to be there soon! 

    • Hi Carol,

      How lovely that you stopped by.  Let’s hope you can convice your friend to come to Vic Falls on a destination wedding.  There are amazing options to suit any couple. 

      Yes!  I think your quote is great… “I could eat cake all day, everyday!” me too…

      The variety of wedding cake ideas are endless.  By customising the cake, it makes it memorable and personal.  You would be amazed though on how many wedding guides advise a simple boring cake!  Let’s hope the brides who visit here have more imagination lol!!!

  2. Victoria falls is really a great Place to be at, and to be candid, I’ve always dreamt of taking time off work to visit Zimbabwe. I’ll share this article to Sheddy, he’s planning his wedding with his fiancee and they’ve been considering wedding destination for a while, it should help. I’m looking forward to visiting Vic Falls or maybe I will get to taste their cake, I’m sure its gonna be delicious. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Hi there Jones,

      Let’s hope Sheddy likes the idea!  Appreciate you sharing the website with your friend and his fiancee.  I would love to make their cake!

  3. Hi Tracy, I’m not getting married any time soon, however I do know some younger people who will be getting married in the not too distant future and these places you have here on this website really would make fantastic honeymoon destinations, these wonders of the world would be absolutely unforgettable which is of course exactly perfect for a honeymoon, Victoria falls also looks perfect, I will bookmark your website and forward it to my friends, thank you for sharing,  


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